The Healing of Lust- No Going Back

By @Danielle69
The Healing of Lust- No Going Back

No going back is the first book in the series: The Healing of Lust by Danielle W Batts. It comprises of a selection of short, erotic, sexually explicit scenes, coupled with intrigue and wit. Nick is a hot-blooded young man, born in the early sixties. There was no going back when at the age of just eighteen he experienced his first sexual encounter with Wendy, a well-endowed girl with a shared passion for sex.

Chapter 1

Coming of age

I was just eighteen when I had my first sexual experience with a girl. It started off as a prank gift from my older siblings Jonny and sister, Lousy. And it was the best ******* present I ever had.


Wait, stop! I haven’t even introduced myself. My birth name is Nicholas, but friends call me Nicky. Some even call me Teddy. You will learn why later. I\’m not the tallest chap in the world or even the best looking. But I do have big hands if you know what I mean. More importantly, I learnt very quickly how to please a girl. Not right now obviously. First, I needed to learn the art of seduction.

“it’s time Teddy\” Lousy said, as the three of us sat in the beer garden of our local pub, sucking cola through a straw, from a refundable glass bottle and scoffing salt and vinegar flavoured crisps, while our parents were inside knocking back the real stuff, “to introduce you to **********

“what the ******* I believe, was my first response.

“Shut-up you **** and listen” growled my brother Johnny. Lousy then explained that her friend Wendy had agreed, for a fee, to show me around a woman’s body. To be frank I was ******** myself when she first told me. I knew Wendy as we all went to the same school together, but she was three years older than me, and that’s a massive difference when your only just eighteen. Don’t be scared, Lousy reassured, she knows you’re a virgin. 

“Yeah, thanks’ Lou,\” I said, feeling like a little kid attempting to ride his first bike after the stabiliser had been removed and everyone watching.

I was in for a big shock when Wendy arrived carrying a large shopping bag. Wendy had left school now and had gone on to further her education at the local college, as a result, I hadn\’t seen her for quite some time and boy had she changed. She was always an all right looking girl, but suddenly she had huge ****. She never had them at school, I thought to myself, I would have remembered. Upon reflection, I think that\’s where I got my love of big **** and huge *****, from.

Wendy was a real scream of a girl. She loved having a joke and was generally up for anything. She wasn’t the tallest of girls. I liked that about her It was less intimidating. Oddly, I had never really looked upon her before, as girlfriend potential, maybe it was because of the age difference? But actually, she was really attractive, I now saw her from this new perspective. Her shoulder-length, mousy coloured hair was tinged with blond highlights and had a natural wave towards the ends. Constantly she would bru**** behind one ear, and it made her look really sexy. Her perfume, she wore sparingly, and it complimented her natural body scent perfectly. Without realising, I just wanted to breathe her in.   

I admit, at first, I tried to wriggle out of going with Wendy, but she soon reassured me and besides, Jonny said he would kick the **** out of me if I didn’t get his monies worth. Lousy handed Wendy a key to our uncle’s static caravan that he had on a nearby holiday park. My mother’s brother lived and worked in Epping, but often he would come to our seaside town to stay in it, over the summer holidays or on family occasions. He said all the while he wasn’t there, we were more than welcome to use it. I don\’t think he would have been so casual about it if he knew of Lousy and Jonny\’s plan. 

“What’s in the bag,” I asked Wendy as she fiddled to unlock the caravan door. I had to say something, her ample **** was staring me right in the face as she stood on the steps at the front door. I had this sudden urge to bite it as it wobbled just inches from my face. Through that figure-hugging dress, I saw the outline of her panties. I followed the knicker-line as they cupped her cheeks and then dived between her crotch.


“This is my tool bag,” Wendy laughed, oblivious to my ogling. “Be patient and you will find out.” When we got inside Wendy went straight to the cupboards and found two glasses. From her bag, she pulled out a large bottle of aviation-grade cider. 

“First,” she instructed, “we will have a little drink, to calm your nerves.” We sat on a bench outside, shaded by a neatly kept hedge that enclosed my uncle\’s plot. While we chatted, she replenished our glasses, several times and soon, due to the alcohol, we were both giggling and flirting with each other. We were having a great time.


“Oh, I nearly forgot, I have something for us to try.” Wendy jumped up from the bench too quickly, the alcohol had made her head spin and she lost her balance. I’m not sure whether she intended to thrust her **** into my face, but I wasn’t complaining. When Wendy returned, she was puffing on a joint. I couldn’t believe my eyes, that Wendy of all the girls from our school would smoke weed. Seconds later she revealed to me the truth. She was a novice junky and began to cough quite aggressively. 

“Here, have a drag,” She choked, steadying herself on the bench as she experienced the headrush effect. Of course, I obeyed, it was the grownup thing to do. It was expected when you reached eighteen.

Not everything in the caravan garden was rosy that day. I’m embarrassed to say that after a couple of pulls on that joint my head too, began to spin. Briefly, we enjoyed our narcotic state, blundering around like a pair of idiots and dancing without music. A moment later and without warning, the entire contents of my stomach erupted violently. Sadly, Wendy stood in the line of fire wearing that pristine white dress. If there was a bright side, at least it was the hottest day of the summer. I apologised repeatedly and suggested, if she was to take it off I would wa**** for her. 

 “it’s better to go home with a wet dress,” I said, “than smelling of puke.” It seemed the right thing to say at the time. 

We went inside and Wendy took off that little white dress. No longer did I have to imagine those **** clenching panties. But how she managed to squeeze those giant ******* into that little bra is still a mystery to me. I followed Wendy’s lead and removed my tee-shirt. I thought she would laugh when she saw my naked flesh, but instead, she smiled and said, 

\”nice.\” She then looked down at my crotch. \”Go on then,\” she winked. I knew what she meant, so I dropped my shorts. The sight of Wendy in her undies had already invoked a near full ********. She saw clearly the outline of my **** bulging in my pants. Wendy watched intently as I removed my shorts, the glint in her eyes said it all. “How old are you?” she joked

The next thing I knew we are lying on the bed and Wendy said she would show me the proper way to kiss. I thought she was winding me up when she said, with tongues… I never knew people kissed like that. 

“with their tongues! that’s just for licking ice-cream, surely.” I confess I was a little alarmed when she instructed me to open my mouth. 

“Not that much!” she laughed, as I did my goldfish impression. She then demonstrated by opening her own mouth. Following her lead the next thing I knew she had stuck her tongue inside and was probing the inside of my mouth. The feeling was electric and sent shocks-waves right to my balls. We spent ages, taking it in turns, exploring each other’s mouths with our tongues. We then paused to sup on cider. All that snogging had made us quite thirsty. Wendy spotted the wet patch on my bulging pants and my full arousal was plain to see. She came over to me whilst I was finishing my last drop of the cider.


\”Let me feel your ****? I want to know if it\’s as big as it looks.\” Before I had a chance to speak Wendy had her hand on my pants squeezing the hell out of my ****. It felt good at first but as she tightened her grip it quickly began to hurt. Seeing my unease, she loosened her grip and began to rub up and down on my ********. I think Wendy was letting me know she was in charge, she could pleasure me or inflict pain, at her will. The best ever feeling returned and within seconds I had a terrific throbbing sensation within my ********.


“You’ve made me wet, big boy” Wendy whispered to my e****.” She released my **** and taking my hand she held it against her *****. Oh my god, I could feel her soft ***** lips through her knickers. My **** ached with delight. With her hand placed over mine, she showed me where she liked to be touched. After a few soft strokes, she pressed against my two fingers until I could feel them part her lips. My fingertips became wet as the juices from her love hole seeped through her panties. 

I felt my fingers sink further into her honeypot as she forced them deeper inside. Now I had learnt the lesson of touch so she could return her attention to my ****. Her hand felt even hotter this time as she slipped it inside my pants and felt for the first time the raw flesh of my meat. My **** had never felt this much pleasure before, the feeling of being stoked by another\’s hand, Wendy’s hand. With one hand she pulled my pants down as far as she could, refusing to release my manhood. With her foot, she finished the job of removing my pants completely. 

Like steam in a boiler, I could feel the pressure building within my ****, my balls tighten. Wendy couldn’t have realised just how excited I was, she was about to find out. She pulled on my shaft and I felt my ******** withdraw exposing my knob. She gently traced her finger over my knob feeling the shape, softness and texture, as slippery as melted butter. I shuddered with excitement.

\”stop!\” I begged, retracting my **** from her grasp, trying to prevent the worst disaster, the one of early ***********, the one thing all men would love to master but seldom achieve, especially when you’re only just eighteen. Wendy did not listen. She looked me in the eyes and grinned. Feeling for my **** again she held it tighter, rubbed me harder. At that moment I reached the point of no return. Wendy felt my **** as it swelled to its max and throbbed again and again. 

At the moment of my *********** I cupped Wendy’s ***** tightly and drove my fingers in, deep, until her panties blocked them, and she squealed with delight. My first ****** at Wendy’s hand is one I would never forget, despite the embarrassment of *********** prematurely, despite the fact I had just *** all over her hand and despite the fact I was unable to **** her this time. Wendy was very understanding. 

“It happens,” she said. 

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