The happiest place on earth

By @mckennabacon

The happiest place on earth

By @mckennabacon

Chapter 1

The happiest place on earth

She woke up to the sound of birds chirping

The sun shining in on her face

The smell of her mom and dad making coffee

Feeling the happiest ever

She made her way over to the pool in the backyard

Saw her siblings having fun

Finished the book she’s been reading for months

And didn’t have a care in the world

But she wishes she could tell you that’s all real

It’s the furthest from the truth

she wishes she lived in the happiest place ever

But she really lives in a nightmare

She wakes up to parents screaming

at each other in the middle of the night

Has to work right after she gets out of school

To make sure she has a roof over her head

Struggling in school

Fearing every move she makes

Sits alone at lunch everyday

Doesn’t have much family

People look at her and think,

Wow she must have a great life

But on the inside she is breaking every second

Struggling to survive

When she hits rock bottom

she thinks about her happy place

But the thing is her happy place

Is some peoples normal place…

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