The Good For Nothing Headmaster

By @Amaan_Syed

The Good For Nothing Headmaster

By @Amaan_Syed

It is a poem that is humorous and describes the penance that a headmaster has to face for his deeds. Please read and don't forget to comment and like.

Chapter 1

As I looked up at the Headmaster,

A gleaming smile on his face.

I knew I was in trouble,

To be expelled just in case.


There he was, the monster,

Happily grinning down at me.

As if it meant nothing to him,

With ‘LOSER’ painted on me.


Standing in front of the whole school,

With that dreadful message on my back.

Seeing the headmaster with that grin,

I wanted to chop off his head with a hack.


Suddenly the sky lit up,

Everywhere there was red light.

A UFO began to appear,

Which ate up an airborne kite.


Suddenly the sky became clear,

The UFO descended upon the school.

It landed and everybody knew,

Whoever goes towards the UFO would be a fool.


An alien got out of the UFO,

In his hands there was an air gun.

He shot the headmaster in the head,

Boy, that was some fun!


The Headmaster was dead,

The alien shouted out, “Celebrate”,

I started a run of triumph,

Dancing with my mate.


It had been an exciting day,

The alien had to go.

The school bid him goodbye,


                                                     THE END

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