the Gods Return

By @torpidhunter

the Gods Return

By @torpidhunter

After centuries, the beings that watched humans do they're things on earth, they soon grew bored, and grey from the insurmontable years of boredom. And so they decided to rebirth themselves as humans.

Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Flashbacks

Chapter 1

“i’m telling you! i’m the god of life!”, she stressed. June clearly tried to say that she was the god of life, but, she wasn’t. Fern simply shook his head, his sister god was so tough headed. “yes, you are my sister god, but not that kind”, he stressed, he clearly was in a state of exasperation, he was going to kill her if she kept stressing.

she pushed on,

“i mean! you are the god of death, so, you i must be the god of life, since i am your sister god”,

“heyo! what’s going on?”, it was Darry, he was holding a bag of popcorn and eating out of it.

his mouth full of popcorn, and his fingers covered with butter. “oh, Darry, tell her”, Fern pleaded. “what do you mean?”, he asked, he knew what he meant, he was playing with him. “that your the god of life!”, he exclaimed. “oh yeah, i’m the god of life”,

“huh”, she said, in a state of confusion, her mouth hung for a moment. “no, no, no way this human is a god, or was a god all along!”, she said in disbelief. “what do you mean? like, i’ve been everywhere?! do you like, neglect me or something?”

“i don’t remember you” June said

Darry crossed his arms”but do you remember…”


Apocrypha shot a bolt of lightning at June, she had used up the last of her magic.

“oh shi-” a shield formed around her, the lightning deflected off and hit a nearby tree, it shattered into splinters. “heyo!”, Darry said he was inside the shield. “oh thank you!”, she hugged him out of both joy, and the thought that she might have just died there.


“huh, strange i don’t remember”, she said, still not convinced.

“what?!”, Darry said, he huffed before he said, “okay, what about”


“**** it! i cant open the trapdoor! those barghests are gonna kill us Fern!” June said out if fear, Fern simply shrugged, “hey, i can’t die, it’s you who should worry”

“what!”, she flailed her hands around with anger. “use some death magic, or something!”,

she forced, he simply shrugged again, “i used it all up with the fight with Apocrypha..”

June curled up in a ball and hugged her knees. “im going to die…”

Fern simply placed his hand on her shoulder. “hey, at least i’ll make sure your funeral nice”, Fern said in a bored voice. “that’s not funny! we’ll die!, there’s no one for miles!”

she silently wept to herself. “what a sorry case of fear, why did she even become my sister god,”Fern whispered to himself.

Fern could hear the howls of the Barghest not far. the iron trapdoor that led into the underground graveyard was still shut close.

“hey guys! sorry i’m late!”, it was Darry.

a bush near the three of them rustled, and a Barghest came out, its black fur, and large white fangs glistened in the evening sun.

Darry snapped his fingers and the Barghest started to seem to turn into a dried plum, as its flesh left all that’s left is fur and bones. the Barghest fell limp, dead.

June peeked over and saw. a look of happiness etched on her face. “thank you!, she went ahead and shook Darry’s hand to death, she kept repeating, “thank you thank you…”


“nope, don’t remember that”

Fern sighed heavily, his anger about to take over and ravage everything around him with pure death, right before he was about to slip, Darry laid a hand on his shoulder, making him feel more at ease. “hey brother, don’t kill us all okay, do us a favor and don’t blow up!”, he said with a laugh, he seemed to lift the mood drastically.

June unconsciously took a step back from Fern.

“wait then what god am i?”, she was curious.

“you didn’t know?, your the god of lust”, Fern said, as if it was a well known thing.

‘WHAAAAT, why didn’t you tell me!”, she loudly said.

“i mean, it’s easy for you for people to fall in love with you”, Fern stated.

“oh, okay, then…how come you guys didn’t fall in love with me?”, she said, a light red tint on her face. Fern blinked a couple times,

“that ability is a effect spell that surrounds you, it doesn’t affect gods”

“oh”, she trailed..

“also that means your unattractive”, Fern pushed on.

‘what! no im not!”

“okay, let me rephrase that, you’re unattractive to any god”

“that isn’t better”, June, said in a low voice.

Fern simply shrugged, “sorry, but that’s the tru-“

June kicked him with all the power she had, and Fern simply fell limp on the floor.

“jerk”, she said angrily.

“ack, ****** June”, Darry said annoyed.

“hey, Darry, i think i’m paralyzed from the pain, could you carry me till i heal”, he said.

“ha, that’s what you get!”, she pointed her finger at Fern, and laughed.

Fern growled. Darry put Fern over his shoulder, “anyways, we’d better get going, those nasty creatures of Apocrypha will get us, and let me say it’s painful to get torn apart and digested by the those things, like, woah!”, he joked. it wasn’t a lie her creatures are terrifying, Fern understood first hand what real pain was, not just the normal, but, the feeling of still being alive, yet the heart, and everything else has died and faded away. except his mind. of course, he couldn’t die, since he is a god, excluding June. she can die of disease, a careless magic bolt, and getting eaten by a Barghest.

(which almost happened but luckily Darry was there)


the three continued through the forest, the occasional rustle in the bushes mistaken for Barghests.


“so whos this Alziel guy?”, June asked, she was curious about the time god. it’s said he should have his memories. just like Fern, he luckily found a pendant that granted him his memories when he wore them. but his human side gets snuffed out when he puts it on.

“just the god of time, he might be able to give you and me our memories!”, he said brightly.

“brother, your brightness disgusts me, unhand me!”, he said in distaste.

Darry simply dropped him onto the floor, his body limp. “hey? you can get up right?”. Darry asked. Fern turned his eyes from the night sky to Darry. “yeah, just kill me and i should heal back-“, Darry without a second though shot a lightning bolt through his chest, the life in Ferns eyes died. “why would you do that!”, June said in outrage.

“huh? he can heal, i mean you kicked him and well, that’s the easiest way to heal”, Darry stated. “never mind that, let’s get going”, Fern said, June jumped back and screamed, there was a hole going right through his shirt, there wasn’t a hole in his chest though. it was as if it disappeared. Fern dusted off his sweater and started walking.

the three reached a large building in the distance, it looked like a very old clocktower, with what seemed like a church nearby as well. “is this where he is?”, Darry said out of disbelief. “fitting though, clock tower, god of time”, Fern said, he then clasped his hands and black energy radiated around him. Darry simply casually crossed his arms and said. “summoning your Death knight?”, Fern answered, “yup, been awhile, at least a month, he’s probably wondering what’s happened.

the trees, and grass around Fern simply withered and turned into ash, killing plants around him for at least ten meters around him. a gigantic hulking Death Knight, or the silhouette of one appeared for just a moment inside the radiating black energy. and then came out of it a tall man, he had Purple eyes and bore glasses, he had hair that fell near his eyes. he wore a white shirt and grey pants. he bowed down to Fern, “my lord, it has been..awhile since you summoned me” he said in a way of. the Death Knights name was Sateron. But Fern just calls him Ron, for short. “ah, Ron, i’ll need you to be our protector for now. who knows if the the time god is corrupted. and besides its said the god knowledge recently decided to hang out with him, so its double the danger.

“as you wish lord, i shall condense my power into this…form”, he said, in an almost butler like fashion

who knows what lied in the bowels of the clock tower. there were secrets that Fern intended to use to his advantage, if he needed the rest of his power. he needed

what beats in the heart of the clock tower.

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