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The Glitch

By @Briannag288

Level 0

“****, it’s fast. Why didn’t I put points into endurance?” Hector asked. He ran into the arcade. Everyone inside looked like holograms. No one could see him. No one could help him. Running further inside, Hector shut himself in the back room and checked his phone.

“Come on! I made it to the checkpoint. Give me my points!” He yelled at his phone. A loud banging made him drop the phone. “No!” Hector picked up the phone and looked at his contact list. “I need to invite someone. Anyone. Before it gets me.” The door shakes violently as something slams its body into it repeatedly. Hector looked around desperately trying to find an exit but there was nowhere to go.

“I have just enough points to call for an assist but who knows how long it’ll take to get here.” Hector scrambled away from the door and hid in an empty locker. Still scrolling on his phone he finally finds someone. He starts laughing hysterically. “I’m sorry, man. I have to do this.” Hector pushed send invite. As soon as he did, a notification appeared on his phone. “Invite a friend. Reward: fifty thousand points.”

He could believe it. “I’m gonna make it,” Hector cried. The door exploded open and a figure stepped inside. Hector’s head snapped up and he saw the figure staring directly at him. He hurried to the exchange screen in the app. The figure walked over to the locker and stopped a few feet in front of it. “Hold on, *******! I just spent my points on immunity. You can’t hurt me! Just give up and go home.” Hector smiled. The figure tilted its head and backed up to the busted door. It was only then that Hector saw what the figure was holding. A long machete. The figure pulled its arm back.

“H-Hold up! You can’t hurt me! That includes killing me! That’s against the rules!” Hector panicked. The figure didn’t listen to him. 

“I don’t care,” The figure said, thrusting the machete into the locker. Piercing Hector in the stomach. The figure held up his phone to the locker so Hector could see. “Bonus action: Buff Blocker. Allows a player to ignore other player’s buffs for one minute.”

“What the…” Hector started to cough violently blood splattering on the locker. The figure pulled the machete out of the locker and let Hector’s body fall out of it. Hector turned over with the last bit of his strength. He wanted to see the ******* that killed him. When he saw the figure he started to laugh. “Of course your face is covered. Just…my…luck,” Hector said, taking his last breath. Then dies. The figure picks up Hector’s phone and sees the final notification.

“Hector Parker. Code name: NovaSlayer. Status: DEAD. Points transferred to invitee upon registration. Thank you for playing.”

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