The Girl's pianist

By @HunterCraftYT

The Girl's pianist

By @HunterCraftYT

Chapter 1

Season I

Once upon a time there’s a poor girl live in the woods. Her name is Gwyneth, on the same day Gwyneth goes to her aunti, her name is Hanna, Hanna bought Gwyneth a lottery ticket she scratch all of them till 1 piece of ticket left she scratches it then she lost.

One day Gwyneth visited her mom’s grave, her mom’s name is Gerlyn, Gwyneth cry over her mom’s grave then she saw Jacob “the only guy she like’s” Jacob came to visit the same grave and the same mom. Then jacob see Gwyneth, he talks to her and told her to come with him. One day Gwyneth pass by an old Building in there she saw a

girl in the mirror. Jacob bought Gwyneth a brand new car. Gwyneth does not even know Jacob is a crazy rich person they live in a 45 storey building then Gwyneth’s aunti Hanna died then she saw a ticket won a trip to Milta. There she saw Jacob playing the piano because jacob is an well known pianist then he traveled to the flourishing city because jacob has a blessing in disguise so no one recognized him.

Gwyneth fly over palawan to Hawaii in Hawaii she found Emman then she ask Emman into a date.. One year Later…

Gwyneth broke up with emman because emman texted mariah but he forgot to delete it. Gwyneth stayed strong till she found someone that she fell inloved with his name is….. The END

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