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The Girl With The Star Tattoos

By @Artsy_Crafter

Part Five

I wake up and see a bright light flashing in my eyes.

“Your awake, good.” The tattoo girl says.

“Oh yeah…”

“You should be getting home. You need a lot of rest.” She says.

My head is pounding and I can’t seem to stand straight. I call a cab and I almost fall asleep in the back seat.

“Hey, you ok?” The cab driver says looking back at me still struggling to stay awake.

“Yeah.. yeah. I’m fine”

XX The next Day XX

I wake up in my bed dreaming of the stars. Remembering all the terrible things that have happened. I go into my living room and do my morning stretches. Then I go into the bathroom and take a nice relaxing shower before I go to work and leave this place forever. This is my morning routine. Then I go to brush my teeth and see it.

 “WOW!” I yell excited yet terrified. I have stars all across my face. Their beautiful yet terrifying to me.

“She still did the tattoo while I was sleeping?!’ I am shocked but also I see more and more details coming from the stars. It makes me forget about all my troubles. I take my shower I gently touch one of the stars on my cheek.

“Ow.” I forget that it is a tattoo that I only just got yesterday night.

XX One hour Later XX

    I arrive at work. I pull up right in front of the shop terrified for people to see me. My long white curly tip ends fall down onto my shoulders as I take out my pony tail hoping that nobody will see them if my hair covers them but at the same time wishing that the whole world could see the new me. I walk into the coffee shop and nobody seems to notice me until a little boy whispers to his mom about my stars.

“Hi mama! Look at the stary stars.” He says pointing at me. Then everybody stars to look at me. I start to get really embarrassed but then Crystal comes up and says.

“They are beautiful! Good for you.”

This makes me feel a lot better and the whole day goes on without me thinking that it was a bad decisions. All that I can think about is how happy I am. And believe me I haven’t been this happy in a while!

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