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The Girl With The Star Tattoos

By @Artsy_Crafter

Part Four

  I’ve never dreamed of getting a tattoo, but that shooting star told me something. Or I felt something. I couldn’t understand it but yet I still feel like I know what is was saying. I am probably just tired and stressed about tomorrow but I am doing this and there is no turning back now! I think as I open the tattoo parlor’s door.

Owls & Everything

The sign reads. “Huh. That’s a strange name.” I mumble to myself.

The whole place is lit with very dim LED lights barely holding on to the ceiling. The shop looks scary in this light and it looked even scaryer when I was right next to the windows, letting all the darkness from outside in.

“Hello?” I say into an empty room. I wait for a response but no one answers. Finally I hear a;

“Yes?” Coming from a very strong looking women with a bunch of tattoo’s that looks like she did them herself.

“Hi. Yes I would like a um… tattoo.” I say nervously putting on a smile.

She laughs.

“Well yeah I would hope so… I hope you didn’t come her just to look at this old dusty place.” She smirks.

“Oh yeah. Sorry…”

“What do you want?” She sits down in her car and takes our the needle.

“Stars!” I shout nervously, seeing how sharp the needle is.

“Where?” She sounds bored.

“M-my face…”

“You want a star on your face?”

“No. I would like “stars” freckles on my f-face.” I can’t seem to stop stammering.

“Ok! Let’s get started. Sit down in the chair here.” As I walk to the chair I feel dizzy but I manage to sit down and relax.

“Ok ready?”

“Yep…” Then she pulls the needle out the needle and … the whole room goes blank.

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