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The Girl With The Star Tattoos

By @Artsy_Crafter

Part Two

Six months ago,

     I got dumped. My life has been going down hill ever since. I got fired from my job and my “friends” started turning on me. Posting terrible lies about me on Social Media, then even sharing them with my family. Do I dare go on? Let’s face it, I am a mess. My whole life is a mess. It’s a pile of ashes. Burnt multiple times. Now almost turning into a pile of nothingness.

    One minute I had the greatest life. An amazing job, an awesome boyfriend (or so I though), a huge apartment and the next I had none. I don’t want to be a charity case. I want to have fun, to be free. To life my life the way I intended to. The way my parents intended me to life. Freely and with the people I love. Now I need to find a place to stay and quick! I’m getting evicted in two and a half days because I am late of my rents. Who knows, maybe I could even get a room mate. What a thought. A person you’ve probably never met and never intended too. A girl or a boy living in the same apartment as you, sharing the same bathroom.

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