The Girl With The Star Tattoos

By @Artsy_Crafter
The Girl With The Star Tattoos

Becoming yourself, can be a challenge. Life is the hardest challenge of all. People go through many different challenges to find out who they really are and what they were created for. Not knowing what will be along the path.

Chapter 1

Part One

         After Alex, my life fell apart.

      I thought I was supposed to be a wife, his wife. Now that was taken from me. I might never get the chance again. My life flipped upside down, I had no purpose. When you have no purpose, then what’s the point? If nobody know’s then why are we all here? That’s the question I have been asking myself for the last six months, ever since I broke up with Alex. I must be one stupid person for not knowing the answer to my one question. I always thought that the stars had all the answers. They always where there when I needed them. Dancing around in the sky, not having a trouble in the world. Or did they just put on a good act always hiding there true selves, like I have been.

                Not truly knowing what was going to happen. Not truly knowing anything, yet still feeling like you know everything and only everything. Still wondering why you haven’t changed yourself to adapt to what the world has become. To what you have become. A new person perhaps? Or something else. Something bigger, better. Something that turns out not to be you….

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