The Girl

By @daviladestinee02

The Girl

By @daviladestinee02

Just a short story about a girl.

Chapter 1

short story

Once upon a time there was a girl. And no, she was not the fairest of them all. She lived in a small cottage outside of town with her mom. She’d hardly seen her other relatives since the passing of her grandmother. When she wishes to see them she just remembers how rude they were to her before. They were all so rude to her and her mother. Oh, how they looked down on them for living in a cottage while they lived in castles. What they did not know however was that the girl’s fairy godmother was looking after her.

The girl would always ask her fairy godmother why she couldn’t have a castle and beautiful dresses like the rest of her family. And the fairy godmother would just respond, “one day dear, you will have the best castle in the entire kingdom and the best dresses”. The girl would ask “Why can’t I just have all that now! My family won’t make fun of me or be rude to me anymore because I’d be just like them”

The fairy godmother looked puzzled, “Why would you want to be like them dear?” she said. “All they’ve done is be rude to you.”

The girl responded by saying “I want to be like them because they have everything one could ever dream for, and I want to be accepted by them”

“Oh, my little one” said the fairy godmother, “you don’t have what they have or are like them in any way for a reason”

“What’s the reason?” asked the girl.

“If I gave you everything that they have you might turn out like them” she said, “you’ll be rude and won’t appreciate what you have. And, besides my young one it’s not your time, your time will come soon.” she said. “One day you will soar higher than they ever have, you have a kingdom waiting for you”

The girl gave her a puzzled look, “what do you mean I have a kingdom waiting for me? Where?”

“Somewhere far away” said the fairy godmother, “where someone is anxiously waiting for you”

And with that the fairy godmother flew away.

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