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The Forgotten Dumbledore


Chapter 2: The Noble House of Ravenclaw

We were led to a lot of stairs, I thought it was gonna be tiring, but as we stepped on the stairs suddenly started to move. If I wasn’t held by Ellinor, I would have fallen right off. I gave her a grateful smile as we brushed ourselves and she smiled back.

“Hi guys, I’m Lila, your head girl prefect of Ravenclaw. Here we are at the Ravenclaw common room, to enter you must answer a question only Ravenclaws will know and you may enter.” She said, “Now we will be assigning rooms & roommates. You can choose your own or I’ll help you choose.” 

Ellinor nodded to me and we told Lila we would like to be in the same room. She nodded and led us to a room. The walls were colored our house colors, blue and yellow, we each have a Ravenclaw scarf and badge. Also, the beds are as soft as cotton. 

Lila said, “If you have pets, please put them into the pet basket beside your bed.” And left our room to help others. She poked her head in again and reminded us, “ Classes would be starting  tomorrow, have a good rest and tomorrow would be a busy day.” Ellinor took out a leather case from her trunk and set it down next to her bed. We both took out our cats at the same time, Ellinor’s black and mine’s white. After washing ourselves, we fell asleep.


 Birds chirped as my alarm clock rang me up loudly. Surprisingly, Ellinor wasn’t there. I neatly changed into robes and got ready for our first class of the day —— Potions, with the Gryffindors. 

I arrived at the potions room a few minutes later, early enough to pick a seat, only to see Ellinor back from a jog in the courtyard. Her eyes were, if possible, even more stoic. I wondered if she had been crying, but then and again, her eyes weren’t puffy or red. Even more expressionless, in fact.

Ellinor suggests, “ Let’s sit in the first row, if we know the questions and want to answer them Snape will see us more clearly and we’ll add sapphires to the Ravenclaw bottle.” I nodded and chose the middle of the first row. 

Snape strolled in and said, “ Good morning students, I am Professor Snape, today we’ll be making a simple protection potion.” and each gave us a recipe to follow.

First, you have to add some dimweeds and a drop of crystal lake water.

Then, mix well and continue adding ginger powder until the potion turns green.

  Ellinor had already finished in a matter of minutes, earning twenty points to Ravenclaw. She told me how to cheat around the potion to make it faster.

  Snape walked over and saw my potion and said, “What’s your name?”

I replied nervously, using my name the first time, “ Elliana sir, Elliana Dumbledore.”

Snape looked a bit shocked but the expression disappeared into his face, making me reminded of Ellinor. He said, “Second person to finish, it seems, very well Miss Dumbledore, twenty points to Ravenclaw.”

As the people around me heard the name Dumbledore, all of them gasped and turned to look at me. Classmates whispered to one another and stared at me in shock, even that Hermione girl glanced at me. At that moment, I slipped her a note saying, “ Meet me in front of the Ravenclaw common room tapestry after class.” She hesitated for a moment and nodded, I smiled back gratefully.

“Potter, pay attention, minus twenty points from Gryffindor,” Snape bellowed and the other Gryffindors glared at him. He immediately ducked and continued on his potion. 

 The school bell rang, and everyone hurried out of class. I told Ellinor that I’ll be going to the toilet and go to the next class first and save me a seat, she nodded and left. I quietly went to the Ravenclaw common room and saw Hermione Granger there, arms folded, waiting for me.

I went over and she asked, “What do you want with me?” 

I replied, “Nothing, I just wanted to be friends with you, please?”

“Why would Miss Dumbledore want to be friends with muggleborns?” she asked.

“ When the moment I saw you carrying a book walking in the corridor and always raising your hands in lessons, I knew we could be good friends,“ I said.

 “Ok, but doesn’t your Malfoy friend dislike muggles?” she asked frostily.

“I think it’s fine, I’ll try to talk her into it. But firstly, can you be my friend?” I asked, she nodded, scribbled me a note and we went separate ways to class.

The next class  is Defense Against the Dark Arts(also known as D.A.D.A).

“Why are you so late?” Ellinor asked as I hurriedly entered the classroom.

“Nothing, I just had to wait for a while.” I replied with a shrug.

Professor Quirrel said, “Good morning class, my name is Proffsssssssor Qquirell….”

We murmured good morning and went into separate groups, two people per group,. me and Ellinor.

“Today we are going to practise stun spells, the person on my right will start first, and the person on the left will be next.

 Ellinor shot a perfect stun spell at me, Professor Qureil clapped and said, “Perfect Miss…isss Malfoy, twenty…ty points to Ravenclawwww.”

My turn next, I nervously shot a stun spell at Ellinor and Qureil said, “Ni-nicee try, try-try… flicking the wand a bi-bit more, ten-ten more points to Ra-Ravevenclaw.” 

As we finished, I saw a weird but pretty girl smiling at me. I flashed a smile back as Ellinor said, “ That’s Luna Xenophilius Lovegood, daughter of Xenophilius Lovegood. I always liked her, but Father said she’s not pureblood and Mother said her family was always a load of rubbish.”


  Finally, the last class before free period I thought as we skipped to Charms class. We sat in the first row as Hermione Granger placed herself beside me.

“Let’s move away from this muggleborn,” she whispered in my ear and pulled me away, reluctantly. I didn’t realize she wasn’t very happy to go away, either. I didn’t realize that what she was doing was merely because of the fear of her parents. I didn’t realize she didn’t address Hermione by the foul word, “mudblood”.

I gave an apologetic smile to Hermione and let Ellinor pull me away to the row facing her. Class started when the tiny Professor Flitwick walked in.

“Hello students, welcome to Charms class. I’m your Charms Professor, Professor Flitwick. Today we’ll be casting the levitation spell,” said the tiny professor. He flicked his wand and said, “Wingardium Leviosa,” and the feather on his table levitated, students clapped and we started trying.

Students kept trying as Flitwick said, “Good job Miss Granger, twenty points to Gryffindor.”as Ellinor scoffed, “Hmm.”

“Miss Malfoy,” Flitwick raised a delicate eyebrow. “Do it yourself if you do not have the decency to applaud your classmates.”

Ellinor didn’t even flush, she stonily waved her palm and her feather levitated – she didn’t verbally say anything or even use her wand, yet the spell powerfully instructed the feather to float in the air and gently flew over to a few meters away. Flitwick had to give thirty points to Ravenclaw for the marvelous talent.

I tried my first time, but failed. And the second time, the feather flew up to the ceiling and landed on Flitwick’s desk.

Flitwick looked at me shocked and said, “Wow, I haven’t seen a student have such potential, fifty points to Ravenclaw.” Ellinor smirked, but I raised an eyebrow. Ellinor congratulated me with a playful punch in the ribs and a good-natured smile. I laughed.

After practicing a lot of times more, I heard Hermione say to Harry Potter, “No, no, no, you’r the surveying for me. It was a shimmering gold bracelet with a jade or emerald in the middle, a snake coiling around it. Was it alive!? I felt my blood run cold as the cobra twisted and curled. Ellinor stroked it, and the snake fell asleep. Ellinor offered a stoic, dull smile, but I ignored her impolitely, plopping down next to the reserved seats for the Quidditch team. Ellinor gave a dainty look of distaste, making me watch enviously. I could only make the face of a scowl.

She picked up some silverware and started forking potatoes and barbecue pork. Suddenly, a cry from the head table, “TROLL IN THE DUNGEONS!”

“Everyone go to their respective dormitories!” cried a voice.


“Ellinor,” I said nervously. “Hermione doesn’t know…”

“Why would Granger go to the dungeons? She’s not a Slytherin,” asked Ellinor with a raised eyebrow. It was clear her mind was on her younger brother and her irritation at Dumbledore for leaving the Slytherins there, oblivious to what to do. I cursed, grabbing Ellinor’s arm and running towards the first floor bathroom, escaping the chaos. 

“Are you insane?” snapped Ellinor as she waved her hands, a ball of white magic escaping her palms and we became invisible. “At least have the decency to use a disillusionment charm!”

“I didn’t know!” I shrieked back angrily. I couldn’t take Ellinor’s know-it-allness right now. “You’re so clever, doesn’t mean I am! Little Miss Perfect!” I didn’t see the flicker of pain over her face.

She could go******* up for all I care. Right now, my priority is Hermione. She can take care of herself, doesn’t mean Hermione can. I sprinted towards the bathroom, Ellinor hot on my heels. I saw her take after me, but I didn’t see her pressing onto the cobra on her bracelet in awful force.

Everything that happened after was blurred in my mind. All I could remember was the troll, it was in the bathroom! Ellinor unlocked the door for me, and we ran. I got hit by a club of some sort, and then… and then when I woke up from my faint, Ellinor was levitating me with her right palm and Hermione with her left, scowling instead of using her dainty expression of distaste. She was frowning, and sneered effortlessly at Hermione, who was giving her thanks. Even though Hermione didn’t see it, I saw Ellinor mouthing curse words at Hermione. I was about to scold Ellinor, but it felt too painful to do so, so I kept my mouth shut, glaring daggers at an oblivious Ellinor.

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