The Forgotten Alicorn

By @Dark_Soul

The Forgotten Alicorn

By @Dark_Soul

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Chapter 1


Once upon a time in the land of equestria, there was an alicorn mare by the name of Color Mist. She was very interested In an old ponies tale. The tale was about an alicorn stallion who had a dark side and a light side. The dark side had cause him to lock himself in a mountain so he couldn’t hurt any pony anymore.The name of this pony is unknown. Color Mist had ventured to the mountain in which the stallion had been trapped in. Color Mist was flying up the mountain until a cave caught her attention. She flew into the cave. Didn’t seem like much until she lit the cave with her horn. There were writings on the wall telling of the forgotten alicorn. Color Mist kept walking down the cave until she ran into a dead end. The end of the tale explained a way to open the end of a cave that told of the same tale. Color Mist readied her horn to cast a powerful spell that would open up the cave wall. After the wall disappeared she stepped into the empty and dark room. As she walked forward ,her horn lit, she noticed something on the cave floor about the size of her. As she walked forward she realized it was a stallion with a rainbow coat and mane. She realized that this was the stallion she was hoping of seeing. The cave wall from which she came from had closed. She turned around to look and realized she was trapped. She looked back at where the stallion was, but there was no stallion.

“Leave now before I hurt you just like I hurt everypony else! I don’t know how you got in here but you must leave! NOW!” a voice from above shouted. Color Mist looked up to see the stallion flying above her

“I have come to free you of this mountain prison. My name is Color Mist sister of Princess Luna and Princess Celestia.”

“Free me?! DON’T YOU KNOW WHAT I DID?!” the stallion shouted as he slowly hovered down to the cave floor with tears forming in his eyes. “TELL ME WHY WOULD YOU WANT TO FREE ME?!”

“I want to free you so you can see that everypony is fine. Also somepony told me to give you this if I found you.” Color Mist pulled a book from her bag and slid it towards him. He looked at it and realized what it was.

“My first spell book.” he picked up the book and hugged it “Silver Star gave this to me.”

He started to cry. He looked up at Color

“OK I’ll go with you. My name is Rainbow Drop.”

Rainbow and Color walked out of the cave and down the mountain silently.

“Oh by the way have your heard of the alicorn Dark Soul?” Color asked Rainbow once they reached the bottom “She is trying to take over Equestria by defeating Princess Celestia and Luna.”

“Oh um n-no I haven’t.” Rainbow lied. He knew that if he told her that he was Dark Soul she wouldn’t help him and would be put in jail immediately. They walked to Ponyville together to find Princess Twilight the Princess of Friendship. Everypony was staring at Rainbow as they walked by. You would hear a few whispering about the tale.

“Ugh I don’t really like this.” Rainbow said.

“Don’t worry your fine. Here we are. The castle of Princess Twilight.” Color knocked on the door.

“Coming!” A voice could be heard on the inside. As the door opened Color smiled.

“Aw Princess Color Mist. What are you doing here?” Twilight asked.

“I have a student for you and he is kinda shy.”

“Oh where is he?”

“He’s right he- RAINBOW GET OVER HERE!” Color shouted as she saw Rainbow trying to walk away. Rainbow walked back to Color and Twilight.

“Oh is this the student you were talking about? OH MY GOSH HE’S AN ALICORN!”

“Yeah. Do you remember the rainbow stallion tale. Well that’s him.”

“Hi.” Rainbow said.

“This is amazing I get to teach a tale about friendship. YAY! THIS IS THE BEST DAY EVER!”

“Um is she always like this?” Rainbow asked Color.


“Well it looks like you two have already become friends. So basically you two should just go hang out and report back to me at the end of the day and tell me how it went.” Twilight said.

“OK sounds like a plan.” Color agreed.

“Uhhh OK I guess?” Rainbow really didn’t want to go out in public. Color and Rainbow decide to take a stroll in the park before anything else.

“So Rainbow what’s it like being stuck in a mountain?”

“It’s lonely and boring you don’t get to talk to anypony.” Quickly changing the subject, Rainbow and Color started talking back and forth about all the things that they liked and figured out that they have a lot in common. Before they knew it it was night time and they were still sitting in the park.

“Well we should get back to twili-” Before Color finished her sentence Rainbow had kissed her and they both knew that they liked each other. They weren’t sure how long they kissed for but Twilight did show up.

“Rainbow! Color! Are you two here! Huh where are th- oh OK well um I’ll give you two some space.”

It was the first time their lips pulled apart.

“Oh um Twilight hi um uh.” Color Mist started to blush.

“Oh hi Twilight.” Rainbow started to blush as well

“Well seems you two had a good night.”

“Heh yeah. Well um I have nowhere to stay for the night um.”

“Oh I talked to Rainbow Dash, she said it was fine if you stayed with her until you got your own place.”

“Oh ok well goodnight Color. Goodnight Twilight.” Rainbow said as he flew off towards Rainbow Dash’s place. Rainbow Drop landed in front of Dash’s place to find Dash standing there waiting for him.

“So your the Rainbow alicorn Twilight told me about.”

“Yes I am. I was told you would let me stay.”

“Man it’s going to be so cool having an alicorn stay at my place. YEA!” Dash jumped of excitement.


Twilight and Color were headed back to her castle while Color explained hers and Rainbows day.

“We started talking about a lot of things we had in common and then he suddenly kissed me and i can’t say I didn’t enjoy it.” Color explained as she started to blush again.

“Well I’m glad you two had a good day together. Maybe even a lifetime together.”

“Hey shut up Twilight! Man i’m tired.”

“You can stay with me for the night i don’t mind.”

“Thank you Twilight.”


Rainbow awakes in the night. He knows what’s coming and quickly runs out of Dash’s place flying into the night sky until he feels a sharp pain causing him to fall to the ground. He feels the transformation coming to him. His coat starts to turn from a rainbow coat to a black and dark blue coat as he is still falling towards the ground. He stops mid air no longer Rainbow but Dark Soul. Dark Soul flies into the night towards the castle of Princess Celestia and Luna.


Rainbow Dash awakes to a sound of a door opening and closing. She flies downstairs to investigate. She sees Rainbow Drop flying away. Rainbow Dash follows after him.

What’s he doing?” Rainbow Dash whispers to herself. Rainbow Drop suddenly falls straight towards the ground. Rainbow Dash quickly starts to follow to catch him but sees something weird. His mane and coat are changing color.

“What the?” As Rainbow Dash starts to slow down, Rainbow Drop suddenly stops mid air and Rainbow Dash no longer sees Rainbow Drop. She sees Dark Soul. Dark Souls flies off to the castle of Celestia and Luna quicker than even Dash. Rainbow Dash quickly flies to Twilight’s castle.

“TWILIGHT!!!!” Rainbow yells at the top of her lungs.

“What Rainbow Dash it’s the middle of the night?!” Twilight says tiredly.

“I just saw Drop turn into Dark Soul!”

“What that’s impossible. You might just be really tired.”

“What’s going on?” Color Mist asks

“Rainbow thinks she saw Drop turn into Dark Soul.” Twilight explained

“I did you have to believe me she flew off to Celestia’s castle!”

“Look we will go there to show you everything is fine.” Color Mist said completely forgetting about the tale.

Rainbow, Twilight, and Color all started to go to the castle until fluttershy showed up.

“Hey where are you guys going did the map call you?”

“No we are going to Celestia’s castle.” Rainbow explained. “Just go back to your cottage baby.”

“OK.” Fluttershy started to walk back to her cottage blushing.

They started flying towards the castle. The entire flight was silent until they reached the castle seeing a beam of light bursting through the roof breaking the roof. They flew in through the hole. The only pony there was Celestia. She looked beat up and tired.

“Sister what’s wrong?!” Color Mist asked

“I was fighting Dark Soul, but then she just disappeared.” Celestia was breathing heavily.

“Wait what do you mean she just disappeared?” Twilight asked. “No pony can do that.”

“I would stay sis, but I must attended to Ponyville to check on Twilight’s student.” Color Mist said.

“In other words she wants to be all lovey dovey with him.” Rainbow Dash taunted.

“Hey! Shut up!” Color mist, Twilight, and Rainbow Dash all headed back to Ponyville to go check on Rainbow Drop. Dash speeded back to her house and up the stairs to the room Rainbow Drop was staying in.

“WHAT?!” shouted Rainbow Dash, waking up Rainbow Drop. Rainbow Drop rolled over and looked at Dash.

“Umm. Dash? Are you OK?” Rainbow Drop asked.

“But- what- how? UGH!”

“Look what you did Dash, you woke up Drop.” Color mist said.

“Uhh I’m confused. What’s going on?”

“Rainbow Dash thinks she saw you turn into Dark Soul.” Twilight said.


“Dash everything is fine I’ve been here the entire time.” By now Drop is worried that Rainbow Dash won’t forget this.

“Whatever I’m going to bed. I have my eye on you.” Dash said as she ran into a wall trying to get out the door. Dash walked back to her room. Color sat on the edge of Drop’s bed.

“Don’t mind her she’s just tired.”

“We all are.”

“OK well I’m going to let you two have some space I’ll see you at the castle Color.”

“OK goodnight twilight.”

“Goodnight Twilight”

“I don’t have the strength to head back.” Color said as she laid down next to Drop.

“Goodnight.” Drop kissed Color on the cheek and fell asleep. The morning came around and when Rainbow Drop woke up Color was gone.

“Ugh I don’t have the strength to get up.” Drop just sat there thinking. What will happen if color figures out who I am? Suddenly there was a knock on his door and Color walked In.

“Hey sleepy head there’s something going on in town.”

“What is it?”

“Somepony ranting about your return.”

“Ugh. All right I’ll go and investigate.” Drop got up and walked past Color. “You coming with me?”

“Sure.” Drop and Color flew down from Dash’s house and into the center of town. There was a pony standing on a crate in the center of a crowd.

“The tale mentions of a dark side of that alicorn and we can’t keep him in this town.”

“Hey what’s this about?” Drop asks as he flies above the crowd.

“IT’S THE RAINBOW ALICORN! EVERYPONY RUN!” No pony moved except for him. He ran out and into the everfree forest.

“O-k. Well um, you know what I’m not evening going to ask.” Drop said as he flew back to Dash’s house. Dash was sitting at a table eating cereal.

“Good morning Drop. Morning Color.” She gave Drop the stink eye.

“Good morning Dash.”

“Morning dash. I’m going to get freshened up.”

“OK Drop. So Dash how long have you been up.” Color said as Drop walked up the stairs to the bathroom.

Dash waited till she heard the upstairs door shut until she talked. “You have to believe me he is Dark Soul.” Dash said pointing upstairs causing the bowl to fall through the cloud floor.

“Dash I don’t know what you’ve seen but I know he didn’t turn into Dark Soul.” There was a sudden knock at the door. Color went to open it.

“Letter for Princess Color Mist.” Derpy said as she handed Color a letter. “Muffin?”

“No thank you.” Color read over the letter.

“Celestia wants all of us to go to the castle now.”

“Well let’s go then.”


“OK SEE YA LATER.” Color and Dash flew out to get the rest. “Ugh now I’m bored. I wonder what Dash has to read. As Drop walked around the house to find a book he felt the same sharp pain from other nights.

“But wait it’s not night! No not this time Dark.” Rainbow Drop was fighting the power of Dark Soul trying to take over his body but he wasn’t strong enough and eventually fell to the floor. Dark Soul stood up.

“Awww thats better now that I have the strength to take him by day I can keep his body forever. Now time to take Equestria.” Dark Soul flew off forwards Celestia’s castle.


“Why did you want all of us to get here sister?”

“We need all of the security possible for tonight in case Dark Soul shows up. Including the Elements of Harmony.” She said while looking over everypony. “Now all of you get some rest it’s going to be a long night.”

“Will do princess.” Twilight said.

“YAY! Sleepover.” Yelled Pinkie Pie

“We got this.” Said AppleJack

“Let’s go guys.” Dash said

“Oh I hope I packed my sleeping mask.” Rarity said.

“I’m going to send a letter to Drop later.” Color said.

“Oh I hope Angle bunny is fine.” Fluttershy said. “I didn’t get him any carrots.” They all walked out and into one of the sleeping wings.

“Are you sure we can stay up sister?” Luna asked Celestia.

“Yes I am certain.” Celestia said. A small laugh could be heard. “Do you hear that?” Dark Soul smashed through the top of the castle.

“Hahahaha CELESTIA YOUR RULE OVER EQUESTRIA HAS BEEN NUMBERED TO THIS DAY.” Dark Soul shot a powerful beam of light that hit both Luna and Celestia catching them off guard and throwing them into the wall. They sat there motionless.

“DARK SOUL!” Twilight was at the door with the others all ready to fight with the elements strengthening them. A big beam of light shot towards Dark Soul, but it shot back hitting the six friends sending them flying backwards.

“Hahahahaha YOUR PITTY ELEMENTS FLATTER ME! OH AND YOUR RAINBOW FRIEND IS NEVER COMING BACK!” Dark Soul turned around to take her throne.


“Huh.” A beam of light hit Dark Soul in the back causing her to fly into the wall.

“DARK SOUL YOUR REIGN OVER EQUESTRIA IS OVER!! WHAT DID YOU DO TO RAINBOW DROP?!” A big ball of light was forming on Color’s horn meaning a BIG spell was coming.

“Color stop.” Dark Soul whispered.


“I’M RIGHT HERE!” Dark Soul said before she fell over and closed her eyes. Dark Soul started to change back into Rainbow.

“Wha-what is going on?!” Color Mist lowered her horn.

Rainbow Drop sat there motionless.

“Oh Celestia what have I done?!” Color said. She ran over to Rainbow Drop crying. Rainbow didn’t move at all.

“WE NEED TO GET HIM TO A NURSE PONY QUICKLY!” Color shouted. Twilight and the others quickly rushed over realizing what had happened. Twilight used her magic to get rainbow while the others got Luna and Celestia.

A day has passed now and Celestia and Luna are back on their thrones but Rainbow Drop hasn’t moved at all. A nurse pony steps out of Rainbow Drop’s room.

“Tell us, what’s going to happen?” Color Mist says.

“There is nothing I can do. He’s not going to make it.” Color starts crying. “If there’s anything you want to say go say it now he might be able to hear you.” Every pony walks into the room and walks up to Rainbow Drop.

“Rainbow I love you and I wish we could stay together.”

“He’s not going to die.” every pony turns around to see a light blue colored pony with a grayish mane in a black jacket standing at the door.

“You’re the pony from before who was on the crate and ran from Rainbow. What do you want?”

“Look I shouldn’t have said those things before. It was wrong I know. Twilight do you know the condition swapping spell.”

“Yes but I don’t see-”

“Good cause i will give my life for his.”

“What?!” They all said at once.

“Yes. I owe him for what I did to make every pony scared.” The stallion walked over to one of the beds and laid down. “Go ahead Princess Twilight. I’m ready.” Twilight readies her horn to cast the spell. A flash of light happens then everything goes silent.

“Did it work?” Color asks. Suddenly Rainbow opens his eyes.

“Huh what’s going on?” Rainbow asks.

“RAINBOW!” Color mist had ran over and hugged Rainbow Drop.

“What happened?”

“I almost killed you.” Color’s face went red with embarrassment.


“Well we are all glad your back, but for your life we needed to take another.” said Twilight.

“Wait what?!” Rainbow sat up and looked over and saw the pony laying there.


“You know him?” they all said at once.

“Know him? He was one of my only friends when I was a colt! I can’t believe he gave his life for me.” Rainbow laid back down looking sad. The nurse pony walked in.

“Is everything OK I heard some yelling.”

“Everything’s fine we just have another patient for you. We swapped their conditions.”Twilight said.

“Oh well you can go I’ll take care of him.” They all left the hospital and went to Celestia and Luna’s throne room. Rainbow walked up to the foot of the thrones and bowed.

“I am sorry about the way I have acted. Punish me in anyway you feel is necessary.” A tear had fallen down from his cheek.

“What do you mean punishment?”

“I have tried to take your life in order to take the throne. I have committed crimes against Equestria and her ponies.”

“You had no control over it Rainbow there for you are free to go.”


“Seriously.” Rainbow stood.

“Thank you Princess Celestia for letting me go unpunished. I promise I will learn how to control this power.” Rainbow walked out of the throne room.

“Well what did she say?” Color Mist asked.

“I need time alone.” Rainbow Drop walked out of the castle and flew away.


It has been a month now since any pony has seen Rainbow Drop. Until one night he returned, but not as Rainbow, but as Dark Soul. He walked into Ponyville watching as all the other ponies ran inside and hid. Color Mist and the others were at Twilight’s castle. Dark Soul slowly walked up to the castle and knocked on the door.

“I’ll get it.” a voice came from inside. Color Mist opened the door and screamed.


“Color listen to me I’m not Dark Soul.” Rainbow said as he went from Dark Soul to Rainbow Drop. “I have learned how to control it.”

“Oh. WELL THAT’S WONDERFUL!” Color said as she hugged Rainbow. The six came out from behind Color Mist.

“We thought we heard you say Dark Soul was back?” Twilight said.

“He learned how to control it so now there is no Dark Soul just Rainbow Drop.”

“Yeah, it took awhile but I got it also Jee survived. We are going to go to Canterlot together tomorrow.”

“Well that’s great. Looks like I’m a great teacher after all.” Twilight said. The others just laughed.

“Hey Color wanna go for a walk?”

“Sure. We weren’t doing anything anyway.” Color and Rainbow started to walk away.

“Make sure your back in time for Rainbow Drop’s congratulations party!!” Pinkie Pie yelled. Color giggled. Rainbow and Color walked to the park that they first kissed at.

“Hey wanna see something cool?” Rainbow said.

“Sure.” Rainbow leaned down to the river that was in the park and put his hoof in it and started making circles until an image showed up. It was Rainbow and Color sitting there in the park. Then suddenly as if it was from nowhere Rainbow kissed Color and they both sat there.

“Wow that’s really cool. Did we really kiss that long?”

“I guess. I learned how to make images from the past while I was getting control over Dark and it was more of an accident. I’m working on time travel next and I almost have it.”

“Cool. Well we should head back. Knowing Pinkie the party is set up by now.” Rainbow kissed Color and they both walked back to the castle. They opened up the door and…..

“SURPRISE!!!!!!!!!!” It was almost everypony in Ponyville.

“Wow Pinkie how did you set this all up so fast?” Rainbow asked.

“Oh I’ve had the supplies for a while actually I was just waiting until you came back.” Pinkie Pie smiled. Rainbow Dash walked up to Drop and Color.

“I told you he was Dark Soul.” Rainbow Dash smirked.

“Oh shut up.” Color said. It was a great night at the party and I think Fluttershy needs to watch how much she drinks cause I think someone spiked her drinks. Most likely Rainbow Dash.

“DASHIE COME HERE AND GIVE ME A KISS!” Fluttershy yelled from across the room. They left a little early both drunk off their minds. I have no idea what they did but they were both clingy the next day.

“Hey Rainbow you still up for Canterlot tomorrow?” Jee asked.

“Yeah totally!” The rest of the party was great. There were a lot of games I just don’t know how Pinkie Pie does it. After everypony left Twilight wanted to show me something inside the castle. She took me down a few corridors and eventually reached a corridor of 7 doors. She took me to the one farthest down the hallway and up a set of stairs.

“Man this place is smaller on the outside.”

“Yeah I know. I don’t get it.” We got to the top of the stairs to a door.”Here we are.”

“Where exactly?”

“Your room.” Twilight opened up a door to a room with nothing but a bed and night stand.”It’s a little bland but you can decorate it how ever you want.”

“Thank you Twilight. And I think I know what my first decoration is going to be.” Rainbow said with a smile.


“Goodnight everypony!” Rainbow said as he headed into his room. Above his bed was a huge picture of everypony in Ponyville. At the bottom of the photo there was a scribble saying “A big thanks to all of my friends in Ponyville.” Rainbow smiled at the photo and laid down in bed and went to sleep.

“Rainbow. Rainbow. Rainbow.” A whisper could be heard in the darkness. Rainbow looked around trying to find the source of this whisper. The voice was familiar. Slowly the whisper was getting louder. “Rainbow. Rainbow. RAINBOW!” A land of chaos and crystal formed around Rainbow. “RAINBOW!!” Rainbow turned around and saw Color Mist hanging on an edge by her hoof. Below was a pool of lava. Rainbow jumped to grab her hoof. Right before he could, Color fell down the hole.

“COLOR!” Rainbow screamed.

“Hahahaha!” Rainbow turned around to see Discord and King Sombra standing there. “Come on you really don’t care about her. Come with us and look at the chaos we all brought to Equestria. It’s what you always wanted, right Dark Soul?” Discord said. Rainbow looked at himself realizing he was Dark Soul. Rainbow tried to get as much of a surrounding as he could and then jumped. Rainbow woke with a jump and ran downstairs and into the map room. Rainbow ran up to the map and looked at it. He put his hoof right onto a point.

“There. That’s where I was.”

“Well you’re up early.” Twilight said walking into the room. Rainbow turned around. “So any good dreams?”

“Don’t have dreams. I have visions.”

“Oh OK well what did you see?”

“Chaos all over Equestria that I made with King Sombra and Discord.”

“But King Sombra is defeated and Discord is reformed.”

“I know but most of my visions are true, not all ,but I’m not taking any chances.”

“Well I trust Discord. If you don’t that’s fine.” Color mist walked in.

“Hey you two, what are you doing?”

“Rainbow saw a vision thinking that Discord and King Sombra took over Equestria and that he helped them apparently.”

“Well that sounds ridiculous.”

“OH NO!!”

“WHAT?!” Color and Twilight said at once.

“I almost forgot I have to meet with Jee to go to Canterlot. I got to go! Love you Color!” Rainbow kissed Color on the cheek. “Bye Twilight.”

“Bye Rainbow.” They both said at once. Rainbow ran out and headed to Jee’s house.

“Ugh what’s going on in here?” Applejack said as she stepped into the room.

“Rainbow left.”

“Oh OK.”

“WASN’T LAST NIGHTS PARTY GREAT!” Pinkie said as she walked into the room.

“How are you so energetic?” Applejack asked.


“COULD YOU ALL BE QUIET! A WOMAN NEEDS HER BEAUTY SLEEP!” Rarity screamed from the hallway.


Derpy Whooves knocked on the door of Fluttershy’s cottage. Fluttershy opened up the door looking very hungover.

“Letter for Fluttershy.” Fluttershy took the letter and looked at it.


“WHO IS IT?” Rainbow Dash asked from behind Fluttershy.

“It’s just mail sweetie!”

“Muffin?” Asked Derpy

“Yes-hic-please.” Fluttershy took a muffin from Derpy. Derpy flew off.

“Who’s the letter-hic-from.” Asked Rainbow Dash.

“Discord. He says he can’t make it to-hic- todays-hic-tea-hic-party. Hic.”

“Well that gives us more time to be together.” Rainbow Dash kissed Fluttershy.


“So Jee how’s it been since I’ve last seen you?” Rainbow asked.

“Nothing much has really changed. I mean Silver Star was worried about you because you just disappeared. I helped him get back onto his hooves.”

“You think we should head back so I can see him?”

“Sounds like a great idea! Let’s go!” Jee hopped onto Rainbow’s back and they flew off to the village of no name. They landed in front of a familiar house. Rainbow walked up and knocked on the door. No one answered…

“Rainbow?” Rainbow and Jee turned around to see silver star standing there with two baskets full of groceries. “Is it really you?” Silver had tears starting to from in his eyes and a big smile formed across his face.

“Silver!” Rainbow ran up and hugged him. They both started crying. “It’s been so long!”

“Let’s get inside so you can tell me everything.” So they all went inside and Rainbow told Silver everything all from being in the mountain to the party Pinkie threw. “Wow. Thats insane.” There was a knock at the door. Silver walked over to open it. There was a mail pony standing there. He seemed worn out. “Letter for Rainbow Drop.”

“How did you know I was here?” Rainbow asked as he walked up to the door.

“I’ve been trying to get your attention for 10 minutes in Canterlot.I followed you back here.”

“Oh sorry.” Rainbow took the letter. “Thank you.” Silver shut the door.

“Well who’s it from?”

“Princess Twilight she wants me and Jee back to her castle now. Well silver I’ll see you later.”

“Bye Rainbow.” Jee hopped onto Rainbow’s back and they flew off to Twilight’s castle. They landed in front of the castle. They walked into the castle to find Twilight standing there.

“Discord is causing trouble in the Crystal Empire, again.” Twilight sighed “We need to get him to stop this.”

“Oh but he said he had something important today and that’s why he couldn’t come to the tea party with me. Ugh that makes me so mad!” Fluttershy said.

“Alright well everypony let’s go.” Rainbow said.

“We can’t only you and Color can.”


“The map called us.” Color said walking into the room.

“What?! So there’s also a friendship problem?” Rainbow walked over to the map and saw his and Color’s cutie marks right above The Crystal Empire. “But we aren’t apart of this.”

“We don’t know why either.” Twilight said.

“Well I guess we should start going. Bye everyone.”

“Bye Color and Rainbow.” Rainbow and Color flew off towards the Crystal Empire. Once they reached it they saw a huge bubble around the Empire. They flew through it and confronted Discord.

“DISCORD!!!!” They both yelled.

“Oh hello you two.”

“What are you doing. I thought you were reformed.” Color said.

“Well I am, I’m not causing chaos, Princess Cadance asked me to do this.”

“Wait what?!” Princess Cadance stepped out of the castle with Shining Armor.

“It is true. We need our baby to get used to things like this in case the heart ever fails.”

“Well there is also a friendship problem here.” Rainbow said. “Do you guys know anything about it?”

“Well the donut shop has been loud over the past few days if you wanna check there.”

“OK thanks.” Rainbow and Color flew off to a donut shop not too far away. They landed and went inside.

“WHAT DO YOU MEAN PUT THEM THERE THEY DON’T GO THERE!” A brown coat colored pony yelled at a blue coat colored pony.


“Umm is everything good in here?” Rainbow asked.

“Oh I’m so sorry. My name is Glaze. This is Blueberry. What could we get you two today?”

“We actually came to help with a friendship problem.”

“Oh well in that case, Blue thinks the display should be outside so people can smell its freshness and blah blah blah. But I think we should put it in the display case where it will keep fresh.” Glaze said.

“Why not try doing both?” Color said.

“Huh that doesn’t sound bad.” Blueberry said. “I’ll get another batch and you can put that one in the display.”

“OK.” Glaze said as he push the donuts to the display case. Rainbow and Color’s cutie marks started to glow.

“Hmm that was it. Well that was easy. Let’s head back.” Rainbow said. Rainbow and Color flew off to Ponyville.


“Bye Rainbow and color.” Shouted the six.

“So what do you girls want to do before they come back?” Twilight asked.

“Well i know what me and fluttershy are going to do.” Rainbow said with a smirk.

“Well um i uh…” Fluttershy started to blush. Fluttershy and Rainbow walked out of the castle together.

“Let’s throw them a party!” Pinkie Pie said as she ran to sugarcube corner.

“Hmmm do you think they’ve been invited to the Grand Galloping Gala this year. I could make Color a dress and OH I’ll make Rainbow Drop a tuxedo. This is going to be great!!!” Rarity said as she ran from the castle.

“I’m going to head back to the farm and finish up my chores for the day.” Applejack said as she left the castle.

“Ok bye. I’ll just stay and read.” Twilight said.

“Oh come on Twilight, we can have lots of fun. Let’s go for a walk.” Spike said.

“Im fine Spike I’ll just stay and read.”

“Ok well I’m going to go get some rubies for lunch.”Spike said as he left the castle.


“So what do you think the others are doing?” Rainbow asked Color as they were flying back to Ponyville.

“Probably just doing everyday things.” Color said and suddenly she smirked. “Bet you can’t catch me!” she took a sudden dive and flew away.

“Oh, we’re doing this now are we?” Rainbow speeded towards Color. Color suddenly heard a boom behind her as Rainbow flew past and stopped right in front of her. Color stopped right before running into Rainbow. Rainbow booped Color on the nose.

“You’re it.” Rainbow laughed and dived towards the ground and landed next to a river. Color followed after and landed next to Rainbow.

“Cheater.” Color said with a smile and a chuckle. Rainbow and Color both looked at their reflections in the water. Rainbow suddenly looked sad.

“Do you think we were supposed to be together?” Rainbow said.

“What do you mean?” Color asked.

“I mean do you think it was destiny for me and you to be together?”

“Of course it was Rainbow. I ventured to the mountain just to find you so i could help you, I didn’t think we would be this close.” Rainbow looked over at Color and kissed her.

“We should start heading back to the others.” Rainbow said. They flew off the ground and headed back to the castle.


Ugh I’m alone and it’s boring in here. Twilight thought. I’ve read every single book in this castle. Hmmm what was it Celestia told me to do when I read all the books? Do something else. Oh I know what to do! Twilight walked out of the castle and walked to sugarcube corner.


Rainbow and color landed in front of Twilight’s castle.

“TWILIGHT, WE’RE BACK!” Rainbow shouted as they walked into the castle.

“Hmm seems like we are alone.”

“Yep” Rainbow walked up to his room. “I need to get more decorations for this place.

“You do.” Color said while entering the room.


“Oh hello princess!” Mrs.Cake said as Twilight walked into sugarcube corner.

“Hi Mrs.Cake.”

“Pinkie Pie is upstairs if you’re looking for her.”

“Thank you.” Twilight went upstairs to find Pinkie Pie. “Hey Pinkie I was thinking me and you could hang out since the others are doing stuff.”

“Sure Twilight. You want to help me plan a party for pound cake and Pumpkin Cake, they are 3 now. Well are going to be in a few weeks.”

“Sure. I got nothing to do.”

“Now you gotta be quiet because they are both asleep right now in the other room.”



Twilight walked back to her castle after helping Pinkie.

“I wonder if Rainbow and Color are back?” Twilight opened up the castle door. “HEY RAINBOW COLOR YOU TWO BACK?”

“YEAH WE’RE HEADED DOWN GIVE US A SEC!’ Rainbow shouted. Twilight went into the map room and sat in her chair.

“Man it’s gotten kinda boring here.”

“Hey Twilight.” Color and Rainbow said when they entered the room.

“Hey. What Have you two been up to?”

“Nothing much we uh just got back.” Rainbow said.

“Yeah we really didn’t have much time to do anything. Well I’m gonna go check on my sisters. I’ll be back love you Rainbow.” Color kissed Rainbow. “Bye Twilight.”

“Bye.” Twilight and Rainbow said.

“So what do you wanna do Twilight?” Rainbow said.

“I don’t know I’m bored.” Twilight said.



4 months later, not much has happened

“Man that party you threw for the twins was sweet Pinkie Pie!” Rainbow Dash said.

“Yeah it was great!” Drop said.

“Well I can thank Twilight for helping me.” Pinkie Pie said.

“Aww it was nothing.” Twilight said. They were all in the castle getting ready to go to bed.

“Ugh I don’t feel well” Color said.

“Well go ahead and lay down.” Drop said.

“AWWWWWWWWW!” Color screamed with pain.

“What’s wrong?!” Drop said.

“Rainbow, I think the others should know. AWWWW!”

“Know what?!” The six said.

“I’ll explain later! How could i forget! We need to get her to a hospital!” Drop and Twilight had teleported them all to the hospital.

“We need her to a room now!” Rainbow Drop yelled.

“What do you mean?!” a doctor pony said. “She’s not do for another 5 months!”

“Alicorns birth faster!” Rainbow Drop yelled.

“Oh. EVERYPONY GET PRINCESS COLOR TO A ROOM STAT!” a few nurse ponies had rushed her to a room.

“Rainbow explain.” Twilight said.

“Oh um Colors pregnant. Heh.”

“WHAT?!” the six yelled.

“When did this happen?!’ Twilight asked.

“It happened when we got back from the crystal empire.”


“Well let’s just hope she’s fine.” Rainbow Drop said.

“AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!” A very high pitched scream of pain came from Colors room.

“Oh Celestia.” Rainbow Drop said.


An hour has passed

A doctor pony steps out of Colors room.

“Tell me doc, is she ok?!” Rainbow Drop said.

“Princess Color Mist is fine and has given birth to a healthy young filly. You may walk in now. But only Rainbow.” Rainbow walked into the room with Color laying on a bed with a unicorn filly with a silverish coat and a rainbow mane and tail in her hooves.

“What do you want to name her?” Color asked.

“How about Silver Rainbow?” Rainbow said.

“Sounds beautiful.” Rainbow kissed his new daughter on the head. The other six walked in.

“Awwwww.” they all said at once.

“What’s her name?” Pinkie Pie asked.

“Everyone meet Silver Rainbow.” Silver opened up her baby blue colored eyes and looked at everypony that was standing there.


“Awwww.” they all said again.

“Well you should all head home. I’ll stay here with Color and Silver until she’s aloud to go home.” Rainbow Drop said. The six left the room and headed back to the castle. The doctor pony walked back in.

“Well it looks like you two are very happy.”

“We are.” Color said.

“Well all I need to do is a few tests with the baby then you can leave. OK?”

“OK.” The doctor did a few checks on the baby to make sure she was healthy and well and he sent them all home. Rainbow and Color ,while carrying Silver, walked back to the castle. Once they reached the castle the lights suddenly went off.

“Looks like Pinkie got a surprise party ready.” Rainbow said. They opened the door.

“SURPRISE!!” the six yelled. There was a huge banner above them saying “Happy Zeroth Birthday!”

“Wow how did you guys out this together?” Color asked.

“You guys were gone for 3 hours. That was enough time for Pinkie Pie to get her supplies.” Twilight said.

“We also have gifts for the little one to.” Pinkie Pie said.

“We also decked your room with baby stuff like a crib and everything else that is needed.” Rainbow Dash said.

“Thank you guys for all of this.” Color said. She walked over into the map room where more than half of the far wall was covered in big presents.

“Oh jeez.” Rainbow said walking into the room.

“Yep Pinkie Pie can work her magic really well. It’s not even magic and she still does this. Applejack said.

“Some are from me though.” Jee said as he walked into the castle.

“Oh Jee how have you been.

“I’ve been great. Just got the good news. So I tried to get a few things.” Jee said.

“Well I got even more good news for you.” Rainbow said walking up to Jee.

“What is it?”

“I don’t have any brothers or sisters so you’re going to be the godfather of my filly.” Rainbow said smiling at Jee.

“Oh my celestia. REALLY! Thank you!” Jee said as he hugged Rainbow.

“Hey you two gonna join us. Color’s already opening the presents for Silver.” Pinkie Pie said.


A few hours pass after the presents

“Thank you again Pinkie for all of this.” Color said.

“Oh it was nothing.”

“Well me, Rainbow, and Silver are gonna head to bed. “Goodnight everypony.”

“Goodnight!” Jee and the others said. Rainbow and Color took Silver to Rainbow’s room.

“This is where we will live Silver.” Rainbow said looking down at a sleeping Silver.

“I’ll put her in the crib.” Color said as she walked over to Silver’s crib. Color slowly laid Silver down into the crib. Color and Rainbow got in bed.

“Goodnight, I love you.” Rainbow said before kissing Color.

“Goodnight Rainbow. I love you to.”


Rainbow looks around in the darkness.

“I wonder what today’s vision is going to be.” Rainbow said. A familiar looking place formed around him.”Hmm the Changeling Forest.” Rainbow looked up to see a big herd of changelings flying over him towards Canterlot. Rainbow teleported to Canterlot to see Queen Chrysalis standing in front of a defeated Luna and Celestia.


“OH COME ON! WHY CAN’T I HAVE ONE GOOD VISION!” Rainbow shouted. He looked around and saw that the changelings were reaching Canterlot in just a few seconds. “OK I need a way to stop this vision.”

“RAINBOW WAKE UP!” Rainbow shot up from his bed.

“That’s one way to stop it.”

“Rainbow are you OK? You were moving violently in your sleep.”

“Yeah I’m fine I just need to go somewhere. I’ll be back.”

“OK. I’m going back to sleep.” Rainbow got up and left the castle flying away into the night eventually landing into the Changeling Forest. “Ugh I have to go into this place again.” Rainbow switched himself over to Dark Soul and walked into the changeling hive and slowly made his way to the throne room. No one really seemed to acknowledge him as he walk through the hive. He walked up to Queen Chrysalis.

“Oh look who came crawling back to me. So you grew your wings? Perfect.” Queen Chrysalis said.

“So your plotting to take over Equestria again?! Seriously it never works!” Rainbow said.

“Oh this one will work. Its flawless.” Queen Chrysalis said.

“It won’t work. Like seriously the elements of harmony will just stop you like always.”

“Oh they won’t be a problem.”

“Ugh! Mother they are always a problem and you know It, but this time you’ll have more to worry about because I’m going to be defending Equestria.”


“Huh no wonder dad left you. YOUR CRAZY!” Rainbow yelled. Rainbow flew out of the hive and to his old village. He landed and walked over to a building. He switched back to his rainbow self and he looked over to a gravestone and walked up to it.

“Hey dad. I know you probably can’t hear me but mom is going crazy again. She’s planning to take over Equestria when it obviously won’t work. Heh I wish you were here to see me now.” Rainbow started crying. “I’ve gotten control of the power that killed you. I haven’t hurt any pony any more. I wish you were here.” Rainbow hugged the gravestone tears dropping from his face. “Well I better head back to my friends. I love you dad.” Rainbow flew off to Twilight’s castle. He landed and walked in the castle and up the pair of stairs to his room. He slowly opened up his door trying not to wake up Silver and Color. He slowly creeped over to the bed and very carefully slid under the covers.

“Hey Rainbow your back.” Color said tiredly. “Where’d you go?”

“Oh I just um went to visit um Silver Star because I um had a vision that he um almost fell down his stairs and broke his leg.” Rainbow said.

“Oh OK. Well I’m gonna get up it’s almost morning.”

“It is?”

“Yup.” Color climb out of bed and walked over to Silvers crib. “She’s beautiful when she’s asleep.”

“She is.” Rainbow kissed Color and they walked downstairs to the dining room.

“Man I’m hungry.” Color said.

“I’ll go make some pancakes.” Rainbow said as he walked to the kitchen. As Rainbow left to go into the kitchen, Rarity walked into the room.

“Oh good morning Rarity.”

“Morning darling. Have you and Rainbow been invited to the grand galloping gala next week?”

“Yes we have. Why?”

“I’m going to make you a dress for the gala and Rainbow a tux.”

“Oh OK. That sounds nice but can you make it that fast.”

“Oh I’m already done. I just need to add the final touches and it’ll be done.”

“Oh.” Rainbow walked back in with a plate with a lot of pancakes.

“PANCAKES!!!!!!” Pinkie Pie came running into the room.

“Pinkie let me set them down first!” Rainbow said trying to doge Pinkie Pies attempts to get the plate. Rainbow set the plate down and before he could get a pancake Pinkie Pie grab half the pile and started eating.

“Jeez Pinkie you were hungry.” Color said looking at Pinkie Pie’s empty plate.

“Yep.” Pinkie Pie said with a full mouth of pancakes.

“Well everypony else grab some pancakes.” Rainbow said. Everypony there grab some pancakes as Twilight, Fluttershy Rainbow Dash, and Applejack walked in.

“Good morning everypony.” Twilight said.

“Morning.” Everypony said at once.

“Does anyone else hear that?” Rainbow Dash asked.

“Oh it might just be Silver crying. I’ll get her.” Rainbow said as he flew upstairs to get Silver.

“So what’s on today’s agenda Twilight?” Applejack asked.

“Well today I thought we could all just relax.” Twilight said.

“Sounds good to me.” Applejack said.

“I’m back.” Rainbow Drop said as he walked into the room with Silver in his hooves.

“Goo go ga.” Silver Rainbow said.

“She’s so cute.” Twilight said.

“Well if you all don’t mind I’m going to go practice one of my powerful spells so I’ll be back.” Rainbow Drop said as he handed Color Mist Silver.

“Yeah I better start going if I want to make it to the Wonderbolts week of flying. Bye everyone!” Rainbow Dash said flying out of the castle.

“Bye.” Everyone said.

“Well Rainbow you go practice your spell and we’ll watch Silver.” Color said.

“OK I’ll see you guys here in a little bit.” Rainbow Drop walked to one room of the castle to where he would be able to practice the spell without hitting anyone.

“OK concentrate. Rainbow Dash would say not to give up.” Rainbow said to himself. He pointed his horn at a lamp on the wall trying to cast a spell on it before….. *toot*

“Whoops. I farted.” Rainbow said blushing with embarrassment. “Well I’ll go back to the others, I’ll get it tomorrow.” Rainbow Drop stepped out of the room to see Fluttershy at the end of the hallway.

“Hey Flutt- What are you doing?!” Fluttershy started flying down the hallway really fast and tackled Rainbow Drop and kissed him.

“Fluttershy what are-!”


“Dashie?” Rainbow Drop looked at Fluttershy noticing something strange under her wing.

“Um Dashie?” Fluttershy’s face was completely red. “I’ve been meaning to ask you.” That’s when Rainbow Drop noticed the thing under her wing. It was a small black box. Rainbow jumped up into the air.

“FLUTTERSHY I’M NOT RAINBOW DASH!!! IM RAINBOW DROP!!” Rainbow yelled. He looked over at the wall seeing his reflection. He was Rainbow Dash.

“Oh Dashie stop playing games.” Fluttershy said with a giggle.

“No I’m not Rainbow Dash. UGH! Concentrate. Try doing the same spell I just did when I thought of Rainbow Dash.” With him thinking about Rainbow Drop he slowly started to change back into Rainbow Drop. With this realization Fluttershy’s face got even redder with embarrassment.

“I uh um I uh thought-!” Fluttershy covered her face with her wings and laid on the floor.

“Fluttershy you’re fine. You didn’t know and neither did I and if you’re going to ask Rainbow Dash to marry you I can help set the mood.” Rainbow Drop said.

Fluttershy looked up at him. “You would really do that?”

“Yeah I got a few tricks up my sleeve.”

Fluttershy finally stood up. “But how did you change into Rainbow Dash! That’s something only a changeling can do!”

“Um, ta da!” Rainbow said with a nervous tone. “I’ll explain when we get back into the room.” Fluttershy and Rainbow Drop walked back into the dining room with the others.

“Oh hey your back.” Color said.

“Hey yep I’m back hehe.” Rainbow Drop said.

“Are you OK darling?” Rarity said.

“Yeah you seem a bit off.” Pinkie Pie said.

“Um uh.” Rainbow Drop stuttered.

“Go ahead.” Fluttershy said.

Rainbow Drop took a deep breath in and out. “Hey look at me.” Rainbow Drop turned into Rainbow Dash again.

Everyone jaws had dropped and Fluttershy just stood there looking at everypony.

“Rainbow explain?” Twilight asked.

“Um I’m a uh. Ugh. I’m a changeling.”

“WHAT?!” Everyone said.


“I am the real Rainbow Drop! It’s just my mother is um Queen Chrysalis.” Rainbow turned back to his normal self. “Also she’s planning on taking Equestria again.”

“WHAT?!” Everyone one said once again.

“Why didn’t you tell us sooner?!” Color asked.

“Where exactly is she attacking?” Twilight asked.

“Canterlot. I don’t know when but i know it’s going to happen at some point.”

“I’ll let Princess Celestia know.” Twilight said grabbing a pen and paper. “Spike!”

“I’m on it!” Spike said taking the letter and quickly writing and blowing on it to make it disappear.

“We should all head to Canterlot for extra protection against the attack.” Rainbow Drop said. Twilight and Rainbow teleport them to Canterlot. They all ran to the castle as fast as possible and into the throne room.

“I need the Elements of Harmony working at the front lines.” Princess Celestia said as they came in.

“Yes Princess right away.” Twilight said. “Let’s go girls.” Twilight and the others started to run.

“Rainbow Drop wait!” Princess Celestia said. “I must speak to you in private.” The mane six stopped and turned around.

“OK.” Rainbow Drop walked into the throne room with Celestia. The doors shut from behind. After a few minutes the door opened back up and Princess Celestia walked out.

“Where’s Rainbow?” Color asked.

“Equestria will need a new prince if I fail to succeed in my mission to stop Queen Chrysalis.”

“What?! But sister you’ve been princess for so long and now your just giving it up like that?”


“Can I at least say bye to him just in case we don’t come back?”

“There will be no need.”

“Oh OK.”

“Alright everypony to the front lines.” Celestia and the others went all the way down to the bottom of the castle grounds. A old pony walked up to them.

“Any love for an old pony like me.”

“Hello there Chrysalis.” Celestia said.

“Hmm very good Princess.” Queen Chrysalis had formed from the pony.

“Queen Chrysalis, I will surrender myself only if you don’t hurt my people.”

“Wait what?!” The other seven said.

“Oh is that so. Well Princess your coming with me.” Queen Chrysalis took Celestia to the changeling hive. “HAHAHA! Now we can feed off your love for your subjects Princess.” Queen Chrysalis used her magic to restrain Princess Celestia to the ground.

“HAHAHAHAHAHA!” Princess Celestia started laughing.

“Why are you laughing?! Stop laughing!”

“Oh YOU’RE AS STUPID AS YOU LOOK! HAHAHAHAHAHA!” Princess Celestia seemed to start to change. Slowly her white coat and flowing hair turned into rainbow hair and a rainbow coat.

“WHAT?! WHO ARE YOU?! YOUR NOT CELESTIA!” Queen Chrysalis yelled.

“Don’t you recognize me? Mother.” Rainbow said.

“Dark? Why are you this weak pony?”

“Because it’s who I am mother. Also it’s not Dark Soul anymore. It’s Rainbow Drop and you and the changelings have been defeated.”

“HA! What makes you think you’ve already claimed victory?”

“Because of this.” Rainbow used a spell on Queen Chrysalis’ throne destroying it. All the magic within shot out and caused the hive to fall apart slowly.


“Yup.” Rainbow smiled.

“UGH! I MIGHT AS WELL KILL YOU KNOW!” Queen Chrysalis screamed.



“I can’t believe Celestia went with Chrysalis to save everyone.” Twilight said looking at the ground with a teardrop forming on her face.

“I didn’t” The seven turn around to see Princess Celestia standing there.

“But princess you went wi-” Twilight said.

“No i didn’t. Rainbow Drop did.”

“WHAT!?” the seven said.

“Yes this is now a rescue mission to get Rainbow.” they all start walking towards the Changeling hive. “His plan was to destroy the throne of Chrysalis to destroy all of the changeling magic within the hive causing it to fall apart.”

“You’d think that she would keep it more protected.” Color Mist said.

“She does. No outside magic that isn’t changeling magic can be used inside of the hive. Since rainbow is part changeling he is able to use his magic within the hive. Allowing him to defeat his mother in any combat if needed. I’m not sure whether his mother engaged in combat or not but Rainbow would be able to win.” they all reached the ruins of the hive and Color was the first one to notice Rainbow Drop laying on the floor of the hive, motionless.

“Rainbow!” Color shouted running to him. As Color was getting closer Rainbow could hear her running. He sat up and yawned.

“Hey Color. What’s up?” Color slowed down to a walk as she got closer to Rainbow.

“Oh good you’re alive. Where’s Queen Chrysalis?” Color said.

“She flew away. I’m not sure where but she is still out there feeding off of love. Oh yeah also Thorax showed up. HEY THORAX COME HERE! THIS IS THE ALICORN I TOLD YOU ABOUT!” Thorax walked over to Rainbow.

“Oh hello Mrs.Drop.” Thorax said.

“Mrs. wha-” Color said.

“Woah Thorax we aren’t married!” Rainbow pulls Thorax away and whispers. “I told you to save that for next week!”

“Oh sorry.” Thorax said.

“Um Rainbow what was that about?” Color Mist asked.

“Nothing. Nothing at all heh heh. Let’s all head back. Thorax said that he’s going to help the Changelings live somewhere.” Rainbow said.


6 days later almost an entire week.

Everypony is back at Ponyville and fast asleep at the castle. Rainbow is standing on a balcony looking over Ponyville.

“Hey Rainbow. You coming back to bed or what?” Color said stepping onto the balcony with him.

“Yeah in a bit I just haven’t been feeling good for the past few days. I’ll be in bed in a little bit.”

“All right don’t take long.” Color walked off of the balcony.

“Ugh. This sucks.” Rainbow said to himself.

“I know how you feel.” a voice said making Rainbow jump.

“Who’s there?!”

“No one it’s just you. I know how you feel Rainbow. Losing your mother, killing your own father.”

“Who are you and what do you mean you know how i feel?” Rainbow said feeling a little secure with this voice.

“I am an old friend of yours and i’m wanting to talk with you cause i can sense that your not feeling so well.”

“Can you give me a name?” Rainbow asked.

“If you let me stay with you I’ll give you my name.”

“Ok.” Rainbow said sitting down.

“Good. Now let me take control!” the voice said as a weird cloud of smoke consumed Rainbows body.

“WHA-” were the last words Rainbow said before Dark Soul had emerged from the smoke.

“Ah that’s better.” Dark Soul said. “Now time to visit an old friend of mine.” Darks Soul jumped into the air and flew to a house within ponyville. She landed in front of the door and knocked. The door opened and a red and black striped pony was standing there.

“D-Dark Soul! I thought you were gone.” the pony said.

“I was, but now I came back for you Star.” Dark Soul kissed him.



Fluttershy is pacing back in and forth in the map room as Color Mist walks in.


“No I haven’t. He never came back to bed last night so i don’t know where he is. This isn’t like him.” Twilight steps into the room.

“Hey girls what are you to doing?” Twilight asked.

“Rainbow Drop disappeared. We don’t know where he is.”

“Hm weird. Well let’s get the others and look for him.” They ran out of the map room to get the others but Color hears Silver Rainbow crying.

“Oh I gotta go get Silver, hang on.” Color Mist ran off from the others.

“Ok we’ll get the others.” Twilight said running off with Fluttershy.

Color Mist ran into her’s and Rainbow’s room. “Don’t worry Silver mommy’s here.” Silver looked up at Color as she peeked over the crib.

“M-m-ma ma.” Silver sputtered out. Color Mist blushed and smiled brightly.

“You said your first word!” Color said as she picked up Silver and lifted her into the air. “This is a great day! Oh the others.” Color put Silver on her back and ran down the stairs to meet with the others.

“There you are Color. We are ready to go find Rainbow.” Twilight said.

“Silver said her first word!” Color said.

“Ahhhh.” the six said.

“That’s cute.” Rainbow Dash said tiredly. The others look at her as she realizes what she just said.”I mean it’s awesome! It’s not cute!”

“Well i’m going to drop Silver off at the cakes so she can have fun there while we go find Rainbow Drop.” Color and the others made their way to Sugar Cube corner. Color dropped off Silver with Mr. and Mrs.Cake and the six started to walk around town trying to find Rainbow Drop.


“Hey um Dark, do you mind if I call you Rainbow?” Star asked.

“Oh I don’t really care about that. Once I found out you were living in Ponyville I just had to get my physical from back and to do that I had to find the one that had it. So yeah I really don’t care.” Dark Soul said.

“Ok cause no offense i’ve known Rainbow Drop more than you and kinda of liked him myself” Star started blushing, “but when I saw him change into you I knew I loved you the moment I saw you all those years ago. I knew it was wrong falling in love with the evil version of him but also falling in love with the daughter of Queen Chrysalis.” Dark Soul jumped at those last words.

“MOTHER! Oh Celestia how could I forget! I need to find her to bring her back to power!” Dark Soul said. “Sorry Star it’s been nice but i gotta go now!” Dark Soul kissed Star and ran out the door then jumping into the air to fly to find Queen Chrysalis.


Rainbow Dash was flying through the air when she notice something running through a house to her right. She flew onto a cloud and watched as she saw Dark Soul came flying out of the door. Rainbow Dash quickly ducked into the cloud to avoid being seen. She saw that Dark Soul was flying towards the Changeling Forest. Rainbow Dash decided to follow her instead of telling the others about what she saw.


Queen Chrysalis was sitting in the Changeling Forest by herself when she heard a flap of wings above her and saw Dark Soul fly over. In anger she jumped up and flew towards Dark Soul catching her off guard and throwing her towards the ground.


“No mother I’ve come to help you!”


“I’ve taken control of his body!”

“WHAT Do you mean?” Queen Chrysalis said finally calming down.

“I grew strong enough off his love. I’ve grown off of the love for his friends, the love of Color Mist, and the love of another pony. I can’t seem to find out who it is though.”

“Huh so he’s got multiple his loves. We could use this.” Queen Chrysalis smiled very evilly.


Rainbow Dash was flying back to the others after hearing what she heard. Once she got to Ponyville she saw the others standing in front of Twilight’s castle. Rainbow dash flew down to them.

“Dash, there you are!” Twilight said. “Where have yo-”


“WHAT?!” They all sayed at once.

“Dark Soul is with Queen Chrysalis right now! I saw them in the changeling forest! They’re planning to rule Equestria together!”

“With that amount of power Dark Soul possess she might just succeed.” Twilight said.

“I can’t believe Rainbow Drop’s gone again.” Color Mist said.

“He was going to help me with something.” Fluttershy said. And suddenly Rainbow Drop walked up to the others with a big thing of donuts on his back.

“Hey girls. What are you all doing out here?” Rainbow Drop said. They all looked at him with confusion. “What?”


‘Um no I wasn’t I was getting donuts for us. I was hoping no pony woke up so it would be a surprise.” Rainbow Drop said. “Well since we’re all here go ahead and grab one.” Everypony walked over to Drop and grabbed a donut and started eating but, Rainbow Dash was just sitting there. “Come on Dash you were just seeing things.” Drop said. Rainbow Dash shrugged.

“Mabey. BUT! I’m still not going to fully trust you.” Dash said as she grabbed a donut.

“Ok. Hey Fluttershy you ready to do the thing I was going to help you with?” Drop said.

“Oh I almost forgot! We gotta go! See you girls later!” Fluttershy said. Rainbow Drop and Fluttershy ran off to the castle.

“Ok you got the pots and fish tanks?’ Rainbow Drop asked.

“Yeah and i set them up in the room with water already.” Fluttershy said.

“Ok good.” Rainbow and Fluttershy reached a room and entered to see a candle lit area with pots on the ground and fish tanks on shelves. “Ok take my hoof.” Rainbow said. Without hesitation Fluttershy grabbed Rainbow’s hoof. After a few seconds Rainbow made Fluttershy let go of his hoof.

“Ok now go get Dash and I’ll set up the memories.” Rainbow said.

“Ok” Fluttershy ran out of the castle to find Rainbow Dash.


“It’s weird I know I saw her there with Queen Chrysalis.” Rainbow Dash said.

“DASHIE!” Fluttershy yelled. Rainbow Dash looked behind her to see Fluttershy running towards her.

“What is it Fluttershy?” Rainbow Dash asked.

“I need you to follow me. Now!” Fluttershy said coming to a stop.

“Ok geez.” Rainbow Dash followed Fluttershy back to the castle and to the dark room to find Rainbow Drop sitting outside of the door.

“Ms.Shy. Ms.Dash.” Rainbow Drop said. Fluttershy passes Drop and goes into the room while Dash stands there confused. She looks at Drop.

“What’s going on?” Dash asks Drop.

“Go in and find out.” Drop says. Dash walks into the room to find fishtanks and jars with water showing hers and Fluttershy’s favorite memories together.

“What is going on?”

“Dashie?” Fluttershy is sitting on the other end of the room.

“Fluttershy how did you do this?” Rainbow Dash says surprised and happy.

“Drop helped me with it. Also I’ve been meaning to ask you something.” Fluttershy said blushing.

“What is it?” Rainbow Dash asked. Fluttershy pulls out a small black box.

“Will you marry me?”


Drop was sitting outside the room when the others showed up.

“Oh hey Drop. Have you seen Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash?” Twilight said when suddenly Fluttershy came flying out of the room holding Rainbow Dash.

“YES!!!!!!” Fluttershy screamed. “SHE SAID YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Fluttershy kissed Rainbow Dash as they both slowly floated towards the ground.

“What happened?” Twilight said. Rainbow Drop walked up next to the two.

“May I introduce you guys to Mrs. and Mrs. Dash.” Rainbow Drop said. It took a second for everyone to realize what Drop had just said. Twilight is the first to say something.

“Congratulations you two! Also I’ll go pick up Silver Rainbow. Be back in a bit.” Twilight says.

“OH, I CAN MAKE WEDDING DRESSES!!!!!!” Rarity almost screamed.

“And I can make a wedding cake. YAY!” Pinkie Pie said while jumping into the air.

“That’s great you two. Hey if you want you can host the wedding on my farm.” Applejack said.

“That would be great Applejack, thanks.” Fluttershy said hugging Applejack. Rainbow Drop walks off without anyone noticing except for Color Mist and Fluttershy. Color follows Drop up a flight of stairs and into a room. Fluttershy already knows whats happening. Without turning around Drop speaks to Color.

“I knew you’d follow me.” Rainbow Drop said.

“How did you know I was here?” Asked Color Mist. Rainbow Drop turned around and was concealing something behind him.

“Enough talking. I have a question for you.” Drop said in a weird evil way.

“What is it?” Color is now feeling like she trapped herself in a room with an evil pony.

“Will you marry me?” Rainbow Drop asks while pulling out the small black box from behind hime revealing a ring inside.

Color Mist gasps before answering. “YES!” Color Mist ran up and hugged Rainbow Drop.

*Wait I didn’t say that.* Dark Soul thought to herself.

“I’ll run downstairs and tell the others!” Color Mist said after kissing Rainbow Drop and ran downstairs.

“But hold on.” Dark Soul said to herself. She walks downstairs still as Rainbow Drop. Before she reaches the others she realizes what happened and chuckles. *Looks like he’s trying to fight back. I don’t think so.* Dark Soul reaches the others as they look at her.

“Congrats!” They all yell at once.

“Now we can get married on the same day!” Fluttershy said.

“Sounds like a great idea Fluttershy.” Dark said.

“I’m so happy right now!” Color Mist said as she kissed Drop again.


“I need to get start on these dresses and, of course, Rainbow Drop’s tuxedo tomorrow.

*Ugh I hate doing this!* Dark Soul thought to herself. Twilight came back holding Silver Rainbow.

“What’s going on?” Twilight asked.

“Drop and Colored are also getting married!’ Rainbow Dash said.

“That’s wonderful!” Twilight said as Color came up and took Silver Rainbow.

“Mama.” Silver said.

“Wait she talked!?” Dark Soul said.

“Yeah she said her first word when we went out looking for you.” Color Mist said.

*Even better for my plan.* Dark Soul thought to herself.

“So how about we all go out today, just to hang out?” Rainbow Dash said.

“You all go on ahead I have to do something.” Dark Soul said.

“Alright. Come on girls. I have to go drop off Silver at the Cake’s real fast. Again.” Color Mist said. They all walked out of the castle leaving Dark Soul, still disguised as Rainbow Drop, by herself. Dark undisguised herself and walked up to a mirror and casted a spell on it.

“So you think you can fight back?’ Dark said as an image of Rainbow Drop appeared on the mirror.

“You’ll never get away with this!” Rainbow said.”I love her too much!”

“That’s exactly what I want you to do.” There was a knock at the door. “Oh I think I know who that will be.” Dark Soul said as she walked away to open the door. Dark walked back up to the mirror as a second pony was standing next to her.

“Star?” Rainbow whispered. “I-I thought you were my friend!” Rainbow yelled.

“Well looks like you thought wrong. I only hung out with you so I could get to see her more.” Star said as he nodded towards Dark Soul.

“But…… why?” Rainbow asked.

“I’ll let you two have a reunion as I go get us some tea.” Dark Soul said. Dark Soul walked out

“Because I love her Rainbow.” Star said.

“But she’s evil!” Rainbow said.

“I don’t care!” Star yelled. “I loved you before but before I could even say I did, YOU SHUT ME OUT!” tears were now coming out of Star’s eyes.

“Star I would never shut you out.” Rainbow was now talking in a calming voice. “I was protecting you so I wouldn’t hurt you when I told you I was leaving.”

“But…but…bu” Star stuttered.

“Star. I used to love you to, but now I have a fiance and a child.” Rainbow said. Star was balling at this point, tears were hitting the floor. Dark Soul walked back in carrying a tray with her magic.

‘What’s wrong Star?” Dark Soul said setting down the tray on the floor.

“I-I gotta go.” Star said. He ran for the door and left the castle.

“WHAT DID YOU DO TO HIM!” Dark Soul yelled at Rainbow.

“I didn’t do anything.” Rainbow said.

“That’s it you’re done!” Dark Soul casted a spell on the mirror again and Rainbow Drop disappeared and Dark Soul only saw herself. “Ugh better go before they start asking about me. I’ll find a way to kill him later.” Dark Soul turned back into Rainbow Drop and walked out.


“Oh hey Drop there you are!” Twilight said. “Now we..”

“Actually can i talk with Rainbow Drop real fast?” Rainbow Dash asked.

“Um sure. I guess.” Color Mist said.

“Ok sweet. Drop follow me.” Rainbow Dash said.

“Ok.” Drop said. Rainbow Dash flew into the air. Drop followed behind. Once Drop caught up to Dash’s side he started talking.

“So what did you want to talk about?” He asked.

“I’m s…s……sorry for not trusting you.” Dash said. Drop smiled.

“What was that?” He asked in a comical way.

“I said i was sorry!” Dash yelled.

“I know I’m just kidding with you.” Drop chuckled. Dash looked down and realized they were above Clouds Dale and above her parents house.

“Let me introduce you to someone.” Rainbow Dash dive bombed down to the house and landed in the front yard. Drop landed next to her.

“So whose place is this?” Drop asked.

“My parents.” Dash said as she walked up to the door. She knocked on the door.”MOM DAD YOU HOME!” The door opened up and a buff rainbow maned pony was standing in the doorway.

“Hey there’s my little girl!” He said as he stepped out of the house and hugged Dash. “And you brought a friend over. My name is Bohado. What’s yours?” He said extending his hoof.

“Rainbow Drop sir.” Drop said shaking his hoof.

“Huh that seems familiar. Hun come out here Dashie is here!” A peach and orange maned pony stepped out of the house and hugged Rainbow Dash.

“It’s so good to see you again Dashie!” She said. She noticed Rainbow Drop standing next to her. “Hello I’m Windy Whistles.”

“Rainbow Drop.” Windy gasped at this name. “What’s wrong?” Drop asked.

“Mom are you ok?” Dash asked. Windy stared at Drop in disbelief.

“I thought you were dead.” She said.

“What?” Drop said, a little confused now. Windy started crying. She suddenly hugged Rainbow Drop.

“You’re Dashie’s big cousin!” She said. Rainbow Dash and Rainbow Drop stared at each other in confusion. Windy let go of Drop and dried her tears. “The reason why you have a rainbow mane is because of my brother.” She said.


After the visit with her parents Rainbow Dash and Drop flew away and back to Ponyville.

“Man that’s a lot of information to take in.” Dash said.

“Yeah. let’s go find the others.” Drop said.

“Ok let’s check Sugar Cube Corner.” Dash and Drop made to Sugar Cube Corner to find Mr and Mrs. Cupcake cleaning up the store.

“Oh hello you two.” Mrs.Cupcake said. “We are just starting to clean up, Pinkie Pie is upstairs asleep and Silver Rainbow went home with Color Mist.”

“Oh well let’s head to the castle.” Drop said.

“Actually i’m gonna go home. A lot has happened today.” Dash said.

“Ok see you tomorrow. Cuz.” Drop said we a smirk. Dash smiled back and flew into the air. Rainbow Drop walked back to the castle and after finding out that Color Mist, Silver Rainbow, Twilight and Spike were asleep he walked into an empty room and switched back to Dark Soul. Dark Soul casted a spell and Rainbow Drop appeared in front of her on the ground weak. In physical from.

“Hello Rainbow.” Dark said.

“What did you do?!” Rainbow said not being able to move.

“I only casted a spell that could separate us from each other and I’m not going to let you live.”


Color Mist suddenly wakes up and hears something down the hall in a different room.

What is that? She thought to herself. She got up and walked down the hall to find a door open. She peeked inside to see Dark Soul standing in front of a weak Rainbow Drop.

“And I’m not going to let you live.” Was all she heard before a flash of white light and Rainbow Drop was still laying on the ground. Lifeless. Color Mist watched as Dark Soul changed back to Rainbow Drop.

“Finally.” Dark Soul said. Color Mist started crying and slowly walked away and back to her room to grab Silver Rainbow. She picked her up and made her way silently to Twilight’s room. She shook Twilight awake.

“Hm go away I’m tired.” Twilight said.

“Dark Soul is back.” Color Mist said still crying. “She killed Rainbow Drop.” Twilight jerked up.

“WHAT?!” Twilight screamed.

“Shhhhhh be quiet! We need to get out. Please.” Color Mist said. Twilight shook her head and grab Spike’s sleeping body and they flew out her window and into the night to Fluttershy’s cottage. They knocked on the door. A tired Fluttershy came to the door.

“What’s up girls?” Fluttershy said with a yawn.

“Can we stay here for the night. We’ll explain in the morning.” Twilight said.

“Sure.” Fluttershy said.


The next morning

Fluttershy went downstairs after waking up to see Color Mist and Twilight sitting on her couch waiting for her.

“Morning girls. So what’s going on?” Fluttershy said.

“Dark Soul is back.” Twilight said,

“WHAT!” Fluttershy yelled.

“We don’t know where she is right now.” Color Mist said. Suddenly there was a knock on the door. Fluttershy walked up to a window near the door and looked out it to see Pinkie, Rainbow Dash, and Applejack standing there.

“Fluttershy you in there?” Rainbow Dash said. Fluttershy opened the door to let them in.

“Quickly!” Fluttershy said.

“What’s the rush sugarcube?” Applejack said. Once Fluttershy got them all inside in and sat them all down, Twilight and Color Mist explained everything that happened the other night.

“Wow that’s a lot to take in. Drop is dead?” Applejack said.

“Great i figure out he’s my cousin and now he’s dead!” Rainbow Drop is started to cry. Fluttershy walked up to her and wiped the tears from her eyes.

“We need to find a way to stop Dark Soul once and for all!” Color Mist said holding a sleeping Silver Rainbow in her hooves. Silver wakes up from her mom’s outburst and starts crying. “Oh I’m sorry baby.”

“I don’t think we can do this ourselves though. We need Celestia and Luna.” Twilight said.

“Ok we’ll go see my sisters. Let me go drop off Silver with the Cakes and I’ll meet you girls back here. Ok?” Color Mist said.

“Got it.” They all said at once.


The girls were all making there way to Canterlot while being undetected by Dark Soul. Once they made it to Canterlot, they all ran to the castle and to the throne room.

“CELESTIA! LUNA!” Twilight said as they ran through the throne room door. When they went in they saw both Celestia and Luna lying on the floor weakened but still alive. Dark Soul was standing at the thrones.

“Oh sorry girls but you missed the show.” Dark Soul started laughing evilly.

“You’ll never win Dark Soul!” Color Mist said.

“Why not?” Dark said. “I mean I’ve already taken the crown. HAHAHAHAHAHA!”

“They aren’t the only princess you have to go through!” Twilight said.

“Oh I know. That’s why I knew you’d be here. Now. DIE!” Dark Soul shoots a spell at Twilight when suddenly something goes flying past Twilight. The body lands on the floor and slides across the ground in a heap of smoke. The smoke clears as the figure stands up.

“WHAT!? IMPOSSIBLE!” Dark Soul shouts. The pony laughs.

“You think you can just kill your other half and live? Well, YOU’RE WRONG!” Rainbow Drop shouted at Dark Soul. “I mean you did kinda kill me, but you can’t live without me. If I die you die. I can live without you! That’s because I came first! LIGHT IS ALWAYS BEFORE DARKNESS!” Rainbow Drop shouted.

Dark Soul is surprised by Drop still alive. “No matter I can find a way to kill you later. For now I can weaken you.”

“Oh I’m already weak. But not weak enough to do this.” Rainbow Drop casts a spell that lifts everyone in the room and suddenly they are all in a gigantic field in the middle of nowhere. “Ok now I’m very weak.” Rainbow Drop says as he falls to the ground.

“What where are we?!” Dark Soul says.

“I have no idea. It looks like somewhere outside of Equestria though.” Twilight said. Every pony is in a battle stance waiting for the first spell to be casted. Rainbow Drop is closer to Dark Soul then the others. Dark Soul lunges toward Rainbow Drop trying to grab his body before she is hit by a spell and thrown to the side.

“You are not hurting him anymore!” Color Mist shouted at Dark Soul.

“Fine looks like I’ll have to kill all of you first.” Dark Soul said. She casted a spell at Color and Color blocked it with a shield spell. Rainbow Drop started to get back up.

“Can someone help me. I can’t feel my legs.” Rainbow Drop said. Twilight ran over and helped him up. Color Mist was using a shield spell still to block a lot of Dark Souls attacks. Suddenly the shield started cracking and Color Mist looked like she couldn’t hold the spell anymore. Suddenly the shield broke and a spell flew towards Color Mist but it never hit her. Rainbow looked at her and out of the corner of his eye he saw a pony laying on the ground. A red pony with black stripes.

“STAR!” Rainbow yelled. Rainbow ran over to Star’s body, suddenly being able to feel his legs, laying on the ground. He grabbed the body once he reached it and felt for a heart beat. Nothing. Rainbow started to cry. “IS THiS WHAT YOU WANTED DARK SOUL! TO KILL MY LONG TIME FRIEND! THE ONLY FRIEND I HAD AS A COLT! THE ONLY ONE WHO ACCEPTED ME!”

Dark Soul was shocked to see Star there. “Star. Uh um yes, yes I did. Now I can kill you while you are weak.” Suddenly a spell hit Dark Soul and Dark fell to the ground and was stunned.

“Caught you off guard once again.” Color Mist said.

“Now it’s time to banish you out of Equestria forever.” Twilight said getting ready to cast a spell.

“WAIT!” Rainbow Drop shouted. Twilight lowered her horn. Rainbow Drop walked up to Dark’s stunned body.

“I’ll banish her. But I’ll still need to live with her in my mind and body. But she will be trapped forever. Looks like the tables have turned Dark.” As Drop used a spell to take Dark Soul, her eyes widened in fear. Dark Souls body turned to mist and Drop absorbed it and Dark disappeared.

“Her soul is now inside of my body and I will still have both me and Dark.” Rainbow Drop said. He walked over to Star’s body. “I might be able to bring him back. But I need your help twilight.”

“OK but what are we doing?” Twilight said walking up next to Rainbow Drop.

“I need you to cast a life spell on him.” Drop said. Twilight casted the spell and then Drop casted another spell and nothing seemed to happen. Drop walked up to Star and listened.

“Nothing.” Drop said with a sigh. Applejack walked up next to Rainbow Dash.

“So you two said you were cousins?” She said.

“I’ll tell once i wake up from fainting.” Suddenly Drop fell to the ground.


a few hours later

Drop woke up in his bed at the castle. He sat up seeing Applejack, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Twilight, Fluttershy, and Color Mist standing at the head of the bed.

“Oh good he’s awake.” Said Twilight with a sigh of relief.

“How long was I out?” Rainbow Drop said.

“Just for a few hours.” Color Mist said.

“Now that he’s up can we get something to eat. I’m hungry.” Applejack said.

“Yeah now that I think of it I’m a bit hungry to.” Rainbow Dash said.

“Yeah let’s all head out to eat and the we’ll talk over all of what just happened.” Twilight said. Everypony started to leaving the castle Pinkie Pie bringing up the rear. When Pinkie was about to leave she stopped and looked into the empty castle.

“Hey. You. Yeah you behind the screen reading this. I’ve had fun these past six years going on adventures with my friends and I’m glad that you are one of them. Hey when this is all over…” Pinkie Pie looks at the ground eyes filled with tears. “… Pinkie Promise me you won’t forget about us. OK?” Pinkie looks back up with tears dripping from her eyes. She wipes them away and joins her friends for food.


“Thats was a great dinner.” Rainbow Drop said. “So Celestia and Luna are back on their thrones and Star… he’s dead.”

“Yes.” Twilight responded.” I think we should get some rest since the others went home.”

“Alright. Goodnight Twilight.” Color Mist said.

“Goodnight you three.” Twilight said. Silver was fast asleep in Color Mist’s hooves.

“Goodnight Twiwight.” Rainbow Drop did a little baby voice. Twilight giggled and went off to bed. Once Color and Rainbow got upstairs and put Silver into her crib, Rainbow looked at the ground. Color Mist walked over to him and put her hoof around him.

“Hey it’s OK. He was a great friend to you.” Color Mist said.

“I know. But where did you guys put him?”

“When we got back to the throne room his body wasn’t there. We thought he got teleported somewhere else.”

“Well I hope he will rest in peace. I’m going to go get a drink.” Rainbow said

“OK hurry back.” Color Mist said getting into the bed. Rainbow went downstairs to get a glass of water when he heard a knock at the door.

Who could that be? Rainbow Drop opens the door. Suddenly a pony hugged him and without even looking he hugged back. Rainbow Drop could feel tears rolling down his back from the pony.

“I’m sorry!” The pony said.

“It’s ok Star. You’re ok.” Rainbow said. Rainbow started to cry while smiling. They finally let go of each other and Rainbow invited Star in and they sat in the map room and talked over what had happened and Rainbow figured out that Dark Souls goal was to stun Color Mist, not to kill her.

“So there is some good in her.” Star said.

“Hey if you want Star you can crash here for tonight.” Rainbow said.

“No that’s fine. I’ll just head on home.” Star said.

“Ok. Goodnight Star.” Rainbow said. Rainbow walked back upstairs to find Color Mist fast asleep. Rainbow got into bed next to here and fell asleep.


“I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.” Rainbow hears a voice repeating this over and over again.

“Hello?” Rainbow says to the darkness. Suddenly the blackness around him forms what seems to be an endless room that looks almost cosmetic. There is a figure sitting somewhere in the area and Rainbow sees just enough to know who it is. Dark Soul is sitting on the ground with her hooves in her face. Crying.

“I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. Please forgive me Rainbow.” Dark Soul sobbed.

“For what?” Rainbow said. Dark Soul jumped up and turned to face Rainbow Drop, her eyes red from the tears.

“How did you get here?!” Dark Soul said.

“I fell asleep. What are you sorry for?” Rainbow said.


“Then why were you crying.”


“Not until you tell me what’s wrong.” At this point Rainbow was starting to advance onto Dark Soul.

“STAY BACK!” Dark Soul was now starting to cry again. Rainbow kept on advancing until they were about an inch from touching each other, when suddenly Rainbow kissed Dark. Dark just closed her eyes. When Rainbow Drop finally parted their mouths Dark Soul just sat there.

“I’m sorry.” Dark Soul looked away from Rainbow and started crying. “I didn’t mean to hurt anyone you loved. I just want to be noticed and not shoved away.”

“I never shoved you away Dark. I always knew you were there it’s just, I thought you were evil so I never really let you out. I’m sorry and I forgive you. Can you forgive me?” Dark Soul looked up at Rainbow. Suddenly she hugged him.


“Shh. It’s ok. I forgive you.” Suddenly Rainbow Drop woke up next to Color Mist in the middle of the night. He looked around the room.

“Was all of that real?” He said to himself. He layed back down only to find he can’t go back to sleep. He got up and walked downstairs into the map room only to find Twilight sitting there reading a book. Rainbow Drop snuck up behind her and whispered in a low voice. “Whatcha reading?” Twilight jumped over the book and turned around to face Rainbow.

“Oh it’s just you. DON’T DO THAT!” Twilight yelled at him. Rainbow laughed and said he was sorry.

“So what are you doing up?” Rainbow said.

“Couldn’t sleep. You?” Twilight said. Rainbow explained the entire thing he just witnessed. He even included the kissing part.

“Wait you two kissed?” Twilight said.

“Really that’s what your going to question?” he said.

“No I have more. Like how did this happen?”

“I don’t know.”

“Why did she just try to stun everyone?”

“She said it was because she didn’t get attention and she thought she was just casted aside.”

“So she did all this cause she thought she didn’t mean anything?”

“I guess.”

“Hey you two. What’s up?” Rainbow Drop turned around to see Color, Applejack, Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie, Rarity, Spike,and Star standing there. Rainbow explained the entire story to everyone.

“Wow.” Color Mist said. “That’s….a lot to take in.”


“I guess.” Rainbow said. Rainbow sighed. “I’m going to try something.” Rainbow steps back from the table and stared deeply into the center of the table. Next thing he hears is Color Mist shouting.

“RAINBOW!” Rainbow collapsed onto the floor. Suddenly Rainbow wakes up in the same area he woke up in before and sees Dark in the same position as before.

“Your back.” Dark said.

“I am. I’m back to tell you that I will find a way for you to have a body and be yourself so that we don’t have to share a body.” Rainbow said. Dark ran up to Rainbow and hugged him.

“Thank you.” Dark said.

They let go of each other as Rainbow regained consciousness and looked up at Color Mist.

“Hi.” He said.

“Don’t do that!” Color mist said as she slapped Rainbow in the face.

“Sorry.” Rainbow got up and walked over to the map and looked at it wondering where to go.

“What are you doing Drop?” Twilight asked.

“Nothing just some personal work.” He then walked out of the castle ignoring everyone asking him where he was going. He kept walking, set on a point where he wanted to reach. It wasn’t that far. He went to a town that was filled with ponies. There was a certain one he wanted to find. He walked up to a house and knocked on the door. There seemed to be nopony home until a black coated and gray mane pony opened the door.

“Oh it’s you. What do you want you gay fuck?” The pony replied.

“I just came by to say hello. Mind if I come inside?” Drop walked in without waiting for a response.

“Hey I didn’t say you could walk in!” the pony closed the door then ran in front of Drop to stop him. Drop pushed him out of the way and walk into the kitchen that had no windows.

“I don’t really care if you didn’t see that Jack.”

“Well I kinda did, so get out!” Jack was starting to yell.

“Well I thought that it would be nice that you get to see the face of the colt you bullied before you die.”

“What?” Jack backed away from Drop.

“You know what I mean. I kill you then I take your body so my sister has a body to live in.”

“Your a crazy pony if you think that.”Jack started slowly heading towards the door until Drop grabbed him with his telekinesis and brought him back.

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