The Finch and the Mare

By @EternalAutumn
The Finch and the Mare

Pride is dangerous, those who plant it will reap what they sow. (A short story I wrote several years ago)

Chapter 1

The Finch and the Mare

Once there was a mare, the fairest in the herd. Every male stared at her with longing, even the great chief’s son. None of the other mares stood a chance against her beauty and radiance. However this beauty masked her arrogant and unkind personality. Instead of preforming good deeds, she spent her time staring at herself in the silver river.

One day the mare galloped down the side of the vast silver lake. She stopped at her spot, marked by a giant boulder. The boulder indicated that there, unlike the rest of the river, it was shallow enough to cross. As she crossed the river to the other side where the greenest grass grew, she heard a little voice speak to her from the tree above. “Oh great and beautiful mare, would you be so kind as to pick me off a branch of berries from that bush to your side?” A small yellow bird with black tipped wings spoke sweetly “I am tired from a long flight, so if you would be so kind…”

With a flick of her great neck the Mare whinnied in disgust, “If I were to do that I might get a scratch on my pelt.”

“Oh fair mare, please, I would be most grateful if you did so.” But the mare scoffed and went back to her fresh and untouched meal.

“Too proud to help a little bird, unable to reach her meal?” the bird chirped out loud, “You don’t deserve the beauty that Mother Nature granted unto you. You may be lovely on the outside, but underneath is an ugly beast.”

The mare, who never in her life had been called ugly, snapped in anger, “Who are you to talk? You’ll never be close to my magnificence nor my brilliance. You are just a small finch clinging on to that branch with no power at all. You’re not even strong enough to get your own food. “

The little bird twittered a bit, untouched by the harsh comment, “I don’t need size nor beauty to gain knowledge and wisdom you see. You are but an arrogant mare, with no real beauty.” The mare turned her head and began to feast upon the grass once again. It was obvious deaf ears could not hear a despite plea.

As the mare admired her beauty the sky began to fill with color and the sun ducked under the mountain tops. Too long had the mare frolicked around, and now the day would soon fade into night. With haste she began to work her way back over the stream and through the woods.

Too late she began to make her way home, and the darkness of night swept over the forest. The silver moon was dimmed by thick black clouds, and sounds echoed from tree to tree. A cold breeze rattled leaves carrying the sound of ghosts. The mare stumbled along with no destination in sight. Soon it had become clear, she had become terribly lost.

She laid herself down along a fallen tree, too sad and stricken from grief to carry on. Her tired eyes drifted to a nearby branch where a yellow bird sat staring right back at her.

“Oh it is you dear bird!” the mare cried with relief, “Please, could you fly up high enough to tell me the way home? I have become terribly lost, and don’t know my way home.”

The little bird fluttered her wings and chirped a little in reply, “Now you shall know the consequences of letting your pride rule.” The little bird stretched her wings and flew off into the night sky. Left behind however was the mare, too scared and tired to move on.

Those who are not caring to others will reap what they sow.

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