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The Interrogation

By @Jason_Salvic

To be able to work in the police force was a dream come true, since I was a child I had always dreamed of becoming an officer, and now, my dream has finally come true. But that wasn’t even the good part, today is my first day and yet i’m going to be able to meet and see a living legend at work. A top dog, when I first stepped into the department I could hear nervous, and anxious whispers of my coworkers discussing a man, a person so skilled they say, that he could read someone’s mind as if it were just an open book. They say he has never failed an interrogation, and I, I get to watch and learn from this master.

“D-detective Rice, g-good morning sir!” I hear one of my co-workers stutter. He’s here my body screamed without even knowing who could be on the other side of the door.swinging open, the door to the interrogation room silently flew open and yet it seemed like it took an eternity, the door didn’t make a noise yet it was screaming in my head. The air changed, it became cold, and yet hot. A bead of sweat slid down my face as I, unknowingly took a step back. Whipping my forehead with a shaky hand, I locked eyes with the dull-eyed man. He was an older man, around his late forties maybe, but he was built. He wore an all black suit and slacks with a black tie to contrast over his white undershirt. Even though it was normal attire, it felt off, almost menacing. It was as if he was wearing the shadows of the room, writhing and wriggling his suit came to life with each, thunderous step he took, CLACK, CLACK. His footsteps echoed throughout the room, seemingly growing louder and louder and yet no sound came from him. Stopping at the door of the hotbox he looked at me once more.

“Take a deep breath, and calm down.” His voice was calm and collected, and yet it made me jump back as if I had heard the boom of thunder. Entering the hotbox, Detective Rice became one with the room, taking his tense aura with him. Gasping for air, I propped myself up onto the table, my body shaking, heart pounding, I felt as if a heavy weight had been lifted from my chest. Looking into the hotbox, I watched the suspect wriggling nervously. It’s begun.

Sitting down in front of me, a man dressed in all black, shifted through a folder before setting it to the side. His name tag read “Detective Rice”. He doesn’t look that skilled, I got this he won’t get me to crack. Smirking, I looked him up and down. This wasn’t my first rodeo.

“Hello, Mr. Carnen.” Detective Rice said calmly, his voice was soothing yet it made me jump. Something was off, locking eyes with the detective, I could feel my heart began to race, it was starting to get hard to breathe.

“ I can’t breathe! I can’t Breathe!” My mind screamed. Gasping I looked left then right. I have to get away.

“Are you okay, Mr Carnen?” The detective asked causing me to look him back in the eyes. I wish I hadn’t. It was as if he could see through me, as if he could read my every thought. He already knows. Slamming my head against the table I screamed.

“Leave me be! Leave me be!” I cried, tears streaming down my eyes. “I’ll tell you anything just let me be!”. Looking him in his lifeless eyes, I could feel him rip my soul out and squeeze it in his cold, lifeless hands. He only said one thing.

“Did you do it?” He asked his voice the same as always, calm and collected.

“Yes, I killed her.” I said putting my head down against the cold table. “I killed her.” I muttered to myself, closing my eyes to see her fear stricken face as I raised the knife and lowered it one last time.

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