The Fire Amulet's Secret

By @hbndrock
The Fire Amulet's Secret

An amulet with unknown abilities. And the girl to whom it belongs. ~~~ Serefina is a girl of noble blood. Her parents died the day she turned 17 in an accident for which she is the cause. All she was left with was a mysterious amulet, and a kingdom crumbling down around her. With her enemies on the hunt, Serefina escapes with her loyal bodyguard who knows what she doesn't, and can do what she can't. Promising her that he can help her unlock the amulet's mysterious powers and herself

Chapter 1


When I was a little girl, I was given a necklace. At the time, I didn’t know much about it. I knew it was a pretty thing, an amber-colored phoenix with bits of other colors mixed in.

I knew it was very precious to my family, especially my mother. It had been handed down from mother to daughter for generations before me, and I was to continue with tradition. What I didn’t know was its special power.

It possessed the ability to control the inferno that raged within me. It kept my fire from harming others. Only once I knew how to control the amulet could I unleash my flames and learn to control them as well.

My parents wanted me to have a normal childhood. They never told me what the necklace was for, nor what it did. I just assumed it was a present. Plain and simple. Just another pretty little trinket for me to wear.

My parents wanted to wait and see when, if ever, I would be mature enough to be taught the secrets of my amulet. Once they decided that I was old enough, they would teach me about the necklace; its powers and my own.

Unfortunately, that day never came. They were never able to teach me by their own standards, their own way. I never found out.

That is, until I met them.

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