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The Final Light

By @castamps103

I quickly realized after the sip that it was poison. I fell to the ground and heard the shouts.

“Valerie! Someone call 911!”

But those faded away. I was dying. Yet, I had never felt so, so free. I felt weightless. I had never felt so light. But at the same time, fear coursed through my veins. Colors flashed by me, memories and music as well. I tried to reach out and grab them, but I couldn’t. I was moving to fast.

I could see all the happiness, the pain, the moments of wonder. The moments that no matter what happened, they would always be a happy thought. We all have them. I saw ones I didn’t remember. Being a baby, seeing how much my parents loved me. Growing up, making friends, falling in love. All those moments of wonder. Little bits of pure happiness.

I saw my Mother, the way she smiled when she was tired. How it was so easy, so natural. How she would do it with her eyes closed. My Father’s laugh early in the morning, echoing through the house.. My little sisters hair, falling down her back in a thousand blonde curls. How when she ahead it would fly behind her. The light in my brother’s eye when he got excited.

It was a shame to die. Truly it was. To no longer see these things. To no longer feel. To feel the happiness of being with my family. The ache of a broken heart. The comfort of my friends.

I knew the risk of my job. Trying to destroy politicians for an article wasn’t safe. I had gotten death threats before. But, I never took them seriously. Now, well, I was dying.

I never understood the fear of death before. Now, it was present, it was to much. I wanted it to stop. To grab these memories, the music of my life flashing by me. To make it stop. To compose one more symphony. To live, just one more day.

But I couldn’t.

I finally managed to reach out. I grabbed at the colors surrounding me. And I fell. I fell into a memory.

I was at my childhood home. I saw myself. Maybe four or five. My brother and my sister. My parents. We were watching a movie. Some cartoon about happiness. My parents were holding us. We looked so peaceful. So happy. Just so… perfect. My Dad’s laugh came out, which brought on the tired smile of my Mother. The glint in my brother’s eye. Me braiding my sister’s long curls.

The love of this moment was overwhelming. I sat down on the floor, holding back tears. I wanted that. More than I have ever wanted anything. The power of this moment surprised me. I would of never considered this to be my best memory. My friends, my past loves, none of them were here. Just the love of my family. The simplest form of bliss.

This was a perfect moment. No, it was the perfect moment.

I closed my eyes, and found myself in a dark room. Then, a light. I took a deep breath. I wiped away my tears. I stood up and braced myself. I walked towards the light, knowing I couldn’t come back. If heaven did exist, and if I was worthy, I hoped that it would be as wonderful as that memory. Then I was taken into the final light.

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