The Fate of Avalon

By @lara3
The Fate of Avalon

Arthurian lore, Morgan Le Fey, and a modern-day town called Midsummer that stands between the Fate of Avalon. - TBD

Chapter 1

A Town Called Midsummer

Mab, of number thirteen, Blue Moon Drive, was far from mundane. She was the last person you’d expect to be involved in baking or social events because she just didn’t stand for such nonsense. The old woman ran a small shop called, Realm of Mab, which sold old books, odd mixes of rare teas and a big town taboo, she told fortunes. Mab was as jovial as she was round and wore layers of intricately designed necklaces with twice the amount of scarves braided into her thinning blonde hair. Everything about her was the opposite of what the town believed in, and if you weren’t aligned with the people of Midsummer, you had no business in being there.

Midsummer was a quaint, quiet place, just the way the townsfolk wanted it to be- but the town was built upon a secret- there was something hidden deep within the heart of their forest, something so powerful, it could create grand or treacherous things beyond imagining. 

And so, with all tales of old, our story begins with a crown.

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