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The Farthest Reach

By @WriteM


Many moons ago, there was a great city called Crystallis. People from all over the land traveled to see the great city. Though, most came for the legend.

The legend goes that there was a great power hidden in the city. Power unlike any had ever seen. Then, a siege was launched upon Crystallis. The city fell, and the secret, and story, were hidden with it.

“I saw a sign, my darling child,” Ariella’s mother whispered to her. “You will be greatly needed in the quest to come.” Ariella looked up at the stars. “In time…”

That was seven years ago.

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  1. Zahra Kermalli

    Dec 12, 2022

    This is really good! Are you planning to finish it?

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    0 Replies Dec 12, 2022
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