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The fake

By @rp052089

The mistake

Oh, he loves me! Yes Dallas loves me because when I saw him he saw me he winked at me.

Doesn’t that mean he loves me, right. Ugg something isn’t right but I don’t know what it is.

let me go talk to Dallas, maybe he can help.

“Hey…..Oh my God”!

“What the hell are you doing”!

“What do you mean”?

“Uhh that day you winked at me”!

“I would didn’t wink at you”?

” What then who…”!

Before she could finish a girl that was kissing Dallas decided to stop kissing him and answered!

” He was winking at me Leela” Said the girl that she didn’t know

“I am sorry Dallas … if…”

“Don’t be sorry, I will still be my closet friend”

He mouth so his girlfriend wouldn’t see him ” I will get rid of her fast, and you will be my next and best girlfriend’

She got so happy had to walk away eeeeeee!!!!!!!!!

He does like me!

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