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The Fae: The War The Mae Book 2

By @ActressMawuena

Chapter One

 As I run through the fresh spring, I dance. Dipping my feet into the water, I say to them, “If you’re too tired to fly, at least enjoy this spring!”

“No, thank you.” Rashae says. “I think I’ll just sit on one of the rocks in the mini waterfall.”

CloeIsla yawns. “What’s it like to live in the palace?”

I keep it short. “Terrifying. Every day I wake up to see the dragon, trying not to imagine it burning the castle down.”

MaryDahlia and DaisyMary sigh. “What’s it like to be married?” The fifteen year old twins ask me.

“I don’t know. I avoid Miles. Haven’t seen him since the wedding,” I say.

LightGrave frowns. “But he realized he was wrong.”

“I shall bask in my glory first,” I say. “Someone who doesn’t believe his own bethrothed doesn’t deserve it.”

Rashae yawns. “Let’s set up camp. I’m tired.”

I nod. “The sky’s darkening anyways.”

Everyone fills two big canteens.

After that, we set out. IslaQueen fills a big pot with water, and pours the dried meat into the pot.

She places the pot over a fire.

Rashae, CloeIsla, the twins, and everyone else is growing vegetables for the stew, I grow grapes to make juice.

I pick tons of grapes and squeeze them into the pitcher. I add a small amount of water from the spring, and stir.

I set the table and add the pitcher in the middle.

“Food’s ready!” IslaQueens says.

I yawn. “We need to get there tommorrow, eat as much as possible.”

We’ve been flying for a week up the mountain, meaning three more weeks till the war.

Everyone fills their bowl to the top, hungrily eating.

“Anyone want juice?” I ask.

Everyone raises their hands.

While I pour each glass, I think about the war.

Not even the army of Mae’s mom gave me can stop the dragon.

We need to get to the top of Origin Mountain.

I think of all my friends living in the castle. Camila, Elanor, Alana, and Sofia.

I need to get up there.

After everyone has had their fill, we sleep.

I wake up and start on warming the toast and pouring the milk.

“Oh, hello.” I say.

“Hi,” Rashae says groggily.

Spreading out the toast, I sit down.

“We need to move quickly.” I say.

Rashae stops sipping her milk. “You don’t think we don’t know that?”

I chew on my toast. “Yeah, but we can’t waste time. We’ve been flying for a week, but once we get up there, we’ll be able to teleport there whenever. Plus, we need The Twilight Mae for help. Maybe even her sister and her cousin.”

Rashae says quietly, “I have their mark too,” She says.

“Huh?” I ask.

“I’ve gone to the top of the Mountain,” She says. “I was given all of the marks. But it was so long ago I can’t teleport.”

I don’t press her anymore. Instead, I yell, “Wake up! Wake up! I’m leaving without you!”

The girls, one by one,go and sit down for breakfast.

As I pack up (mostly with my magic,) The girls hurriedly eat.

“Hurry up, put it in the magic backpack.” The magic backpack can hold the whole world without getting bigger or weighing a pound.

“IslaQueen, you have backpack duties.” I say. She nods. She uses her magic to carry it (with wings, you can’t have a backpack.)

We fly for over an hour.

“I’m tired,” CloeIsla says.

My back is sore from flying. “We can take a water break.”

As I glug my water, I look up the mountain.

“Ten more minutes!” I say.

The girls pick up the pace.

After flying for awhile, we reach the top.

Rashae knocks.

“Hello?” I say.

A very pretty Fae opens the door.”Come in, all of you.” She says in a voice that makes me want to back up from her.

She has a sweet voice, yes, but…

I shake my head.

I walk into the small house.

We all sit or stand in the doorway.

“Flying one hundred miles, yes?” She says.

We all nod. “We need your help,” and we explain what we need.

“Oh, that’s not me. That’s my sister.” She says. “Sis!” She yells.

A Mae who looks just like me comes in.

“Oh look, another one of my dear granddaughters come to visit.” She says happily. “Oh, both of them are here!”

“Quit the drama, talk to mama,” Rashae says. “I did not come here to visit my ‘dear’ grandmother.”

I didn’t, either.

“Look, I have some questions, but that’s for later.”

(Some of my writing got deleted so you’ll have to bear with me.) (P.S in my writing she got the marks like her sister to stop the dragon) (P.P.S they have to kill the dragon.)(P.P.P.S she likes the king,but is mad at him. He is twenty, so he’s not an old person, just for those who are wondering. That’s why he listened to the duke.)(P.P.P.P.S her powers are now the mae powers, tormaline powers, aqua powers, and the fae powers.)

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