The Extreme War of Darkomega (the edited version of When Cithians Attack)

By @Wyatt_Jaymes54

The Extreme War of Darkomega (the edited version of When Cithians Attack)

By @Wyatt_Jaymes54

During a concert, two people cause an uproar and an Autistic boy named Skyrid gains the power to shoot beams out of his hands. He is then sent to Gailems for his safety because he is being hunted by the Strikers because he attack -ed an innocent boy. Who is this innocent boy? And will Skyrid ever be free from the law now that he's a fugitive?

Chapter 1


On a planet named lives a people called the Cithians. They used to live on Earth but they believed it to be called Cither. They were exiled to the woods of England and they organized a village and they called called it: Peacemaker. This Village was organized in 1300 AD. These cithian believed that Jesus Christ is Bradley Greenson and God is Kursta.

After my grandpa Judedick climbed over the castle walls and snuck into the village of Peacemaker you fell in love with can Unit’s daughter Elizabeth. Because Judedick fell in love with a girl from the exiled Village of Peacemaker a a 27 year long war from 1415 to 1442 and Judedick and Elizabeth went into hiding.

During that war, Adagar Markson, his brother, Gadrid, Raymond Star, his brother Justin, and The Hecticmaker named Kasey Williams who called themselves the Grey Diamond Warriors after they receive five diamonds from Kodyack Blues were the first Cithians to be given the power to shoot beams out of their hands. They then passed their powers down to Judedick Crop and Furliceo Woolsley.

Their families were rescued by the natives of Hiton and they now live in the village of Siraka.

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