the escape

By @joel09

Chapter 1

The escape

All i can say is i remember i woke up in a log cabin. I remember it wasnt that big it just had a kitchen when i looked outside it was nothing but forest that’s when i started to panic. I had to get out of this place quickly, i ran to the front door and opened it as soon as i stepped out the door an arrow from an unknown point went straight through my leg i tried to hold in my yell but the pain was too great. As i came in the house another arrow flew right past me into the wall in front of me i closed the door and locked it. I looked around for something to stop the bleeding all there was a little rag on the table in the kitchen i had to crawl over there since it hurt when i would walk on my leg. When i finished patching myself up i crawled my way over to the room i woke up in and behind the door there was a glass case with a double barrel shotgun. I broke the glass and grabbed the gun when i opened the case it was empty i needed to find the shells before i get out the house then i remember seeing a box in the kitchen when i went there i found two shells enough to fill the case. I loaded the gun and made my way out the door i took a deep breath and stepped outside it was really quiet then i saw something by the corner of the cabin i fired then something fell on the ground then i was a ugly thing i couldn’t explain. Then i found a knife in its hand so i ran as far as i could i turned to look at the house one last time when i turned around again a black thing injected something into my neck and as my vision started to leave me i remember being dragged back into the direction of the house again.

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