Secrets of the Inari

By @elanorsodan
Secrets of the Inari

The One creator sings the Song of Mortality, in revelation that anew world must be imagined. The two wolves take a journey as people through time, dreams, and reality to discover the lost memories of ages and what exactly they were destined to be. As Lumi and Kyösti awaken their inner understanding of reality and how it all came to be, they take an epic journey through what seems like just a dream; awakening a quest they were destined for: to heal the stains of time and wounds of humanity.

Chapter 1

Prologue: The Children of Inari

The wolves of Inari were unlike any other wolves. Apart from the obvious differences in size, coloring, and even temperament, Inari wolves are only spoken about like a legend. There are varying stories of people catching glimpses of them in the isolated wilderness of Finland. Residing in the Valley of Stars, the Inari wolves are said to have been there before the Lake Inari, and that their howls bring great crystals from the sky that dropped into the valleys low and forged the Lake that there today. The most common stories of the Inari wolves told in folklore, are of two wolves that represent the balance of all time and life: the white wolf and the black wolf. They were said to be guardians of the lake and Lapland that spread out into icy sheets and spectacular landscape across Finland. Other accounts speak of howling winds and raging cold flurries of snow, and the image of a black wolf boldly in contrast to the blizzard, while a pair of golden eyes judges evenly in the distance beside the great black beast.

Though these wolves, or rather creatures have been depicted through lore as cold and remote beings, it is also told in legend that they are the fabric of good and evil’s memories that hold all of time in balance. These children of the Inari pass on memories to each member of the pack, and two thereby selected as the guides of the two realms that cross over: the world of reality and the world of the divine. They are then allowed all the memories of all that has been, and their duty to bring balance begins. That is when it is said that the wolves go into hiding, or perhaps stay in the world of the divine. The two Inari wolves are left in reality alone, with new vessels, new memories, and a jumbled understanding of where they came from. It is a job of an Inari wolf when chosen to walk in the realm of reality as a human, to connect the memories of all and sew them into a blanket in their mind. Thus, it is said that once all the memories are collected and the two Inari put on Earth with remember their lives many times over, that they can heal humanity and fix the stains of depravity in the realm in which is theirs to save.

With all the memories stored in time, the Inari wolves access these memories with the Sight. In the realm of the Divine, they stay in their eternal form as wolves; sending images to their kind from the Creator. As the cycles repeats and new memories are acquired, the Song of Mortality is closer to being over. If one should listen closely, they can hear it being sung. The One Wills a new world, one where memories are kept and stored forever, but humanity grows further from the Mighty One, and it may take legends like the Children of the Inari to awaken images of the past and future, to save the present for a species unaware of Truth of this world, and the one that cannot be seen with eyes open, but to be seen with the Eyes of Ages. The eyes of the Inari.

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