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The Entities Six

By @tropixalferns

1: Kaz

The mist swirled as Kaz Brekker leaned against the railing of the docks. It didn’t feel right. Not that he was afraid of ambush or attack, he had nothing to fear from inside the city. But the anticipation rolling in his gut still set him on edge. It had been almost a year since he had last seen Inej, and he still wasn’t sure calling her back to town for this job had been the right call. Still, he reasoned, he’d find that out when he saw her. No use worrying about it now. Movement at the end of the dock caught his attention. He pulled out his long glass, lifting it to his eye to see a small white boat pulling in at the end of the dock. He pocketed his long glass and turned back to face the water. 

“Hello, Wraith.” He heard Inej laugh from behind him, and turned to face her. He couldn’t help it. He smiled. She smiled back at him. 

“It’s good to see you, Kaz.” He turned and began to walk back down the dock, Inej following him. 

“Were you seen?” He asked her. He felt her shake her head. “Good.”

“Kaz, what is this about? Your message wasn’t exactly clear.” 

“I’ll tell you when we get back to the Slat. The other dregs-” He paused. “They’ll want to see you.” Inej stepped out in front of him, no longer smiling.

“I’m not your spider anymore. If this is another big job, I-”

“I said in my letter that you didn’t have to come unless you wanted to.” Inej went silent, and fell into step next to him. 

The lights grew and the air became warmer as they approached the Slat. Kaz noticed Inej’s steps were easier and more confident. He itched to ask her about her time at sea, but that could wait. He felt Inej stop. 

“What is that?” She asked, pointing above the lights of the Barrel to the high, shining copper roof that peaked through the clouds. “Is it a new addition to the Church of Barter?” 

Kaz smiled internally, pleased that Inej had found their target so quickly. “That, Wraith, is exactly why I called you back.”

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