The End-Days War

By @MicahDarkFantasy
The End-Days War

Sleepless Nights Shall Begin The World has been in fear against the return of the Demons. A thousand years pass and then The Black Dragon described in the days of old has returned to the Earth. The Demons of Hell has arisen to overtake Mankind and Earth and to Summon Satan to build his Kingdom on the Earth. It is up to Ragnar of Midland, the Ranger and Delphine of Moria, the Ebony Warrior to fight and kill the Demons and find the Daedric Lords to destroy them before they can summon Satan.

Chapter 1


        A Storm is coming. Mankind faces ruin and despair. The World is changing, yet hope remains in the hearts of the people. We go about our daily lives never knowing the forces that could change our destinies forever. We are oblivious, ignorant like sheep to the slaughter; this very Night, marks the beginning of our journey together, a journey into darkness, into madness.

         I watch her from the shadows. Is she the one? She has come far already, but she will be tested; tested to the very limits of human endurance and beyond. This night, she walks seeking for a purpose in this life, armed with Ebony Armor, Ebony Boots, Ebony Gauntlets, and an Ebony Greatsword. Tonight, she will begin her journey into utter darkness, into oblivion.

     The time has come for me, the Writer of this story to bid you all a very fond farewell. The time has come for you to hear for yourself a tale That only I am worthy to tell you. It is unto me to tell you of this moment, a Dark Fantasy of a Warrior who fights her way against the Demons of Hell. A Warrior who risks everything to fight to the Death against those who wish to cut her down. And finally, a Warrior who seeks A Ranger who was cast out of his land and defeats the Evil that corrupts these Lands before her.                                             

       This is the tale of the Ebony Warrior and a Ranger, both who risk everything to rid the Great Evil of these Lands and stand and fight on against the creatures of the Night. And now, I must go forth and I shall live on, I am the Writer of this Dark Fantasy Epic of which you are about to read. I alone will tell you of the events which will come to pass for the Ebony Warrior and the Ranger. Farewell, for now.


   Her name was Delphine of Moria, the Ebony Warrior. She was well-known by many to be known as a Warrior who lives and runs from both the living and the dead. Nothing ever held her back when she fought against the Demons before her; there was no known end to her Quest. She was born like anyone was ever born; coming out of her Mother’s Womb and raised by a mother and was given life by the most High. And like anyone of this age, her childhood was tragic and it struck all over when she was just about to be a young adult.

   The Grim Reaper came and Death came for all those whom she ever knew, especially her Mother and her Father. Her Mother and Father were killed as they were defending her Daughter by Death itself, but The Reaper was too strong against them. And after that, the Grim Reaper reaches his hand towards Delphine and he began to choke her with just one hand. And as he did this, he pulls out a Dagger filled with a toxic poison that he created with his powers and he stabs Delphine on her shoulder with it. The Poison filled her entire body and her Eyes began to change color and her pupils began to look like that of a Dark Beast’s Eye.

   So much Blood began to splatter out from her shoulder and so much Gore began to stain the ground and The Grim Reaper’s Dagger. Then, the Grim Reaper pulls the Dagger out of Delphine’s Shoulder and she falls down to the ground. She could feel nothing but her Blood leaving out of her body and her life slowly began to drain out of her body. The Grim Reaper saw something inside of her that seemed real to him when he was staring deep into her. Then, he lifts up his hand and he puts it onto Delphine’s face and he began to give her some kind of strength that would be with her forever.

   The Grim Reaper sees that she would live and see the day where she would come for him after what he has done to her. And so, he left her there on the bloodied ground and on the Dark Night as the Moon shined along with the Clouds. Then, a mysterious person came before her, it was The Wolf Queen; she called herself Lagertha and she picked her up and took her somewhere far away. The Wolf Queen was a Very Mysterious being who wondered the Lands of the Earth for as long as she could even remember. She carried her to the Northern Lands and she took her in and she offered Delphine aid and comfort when she was there.

   As she opened her eyes, Delphine saw This Queen of the Wolves before her very eyes and she got herself up and she saw her as a Human. Although the Wolf Queen has the mind and the Heart of a Wolf, she had the Body of a Human and her very presence stunned Delphine for a long time. The Wolf Queen informs her that she led herself to her when she was suffering and full of blood while before The Grim Reaper. She tells Delphine that she has taken the Mighty Aspect of a Demon and she has become even Stronger than before. Delphine did not know how or even why she was given this Dark Power, perhaps it was because there was something in her that called them to her.

   Or it was because there was something that she never knew and nobody would ever tell her because it was cursed and must not be told. Either way, it was cruel and inhuman for even a single person to go through in this time and in this age. Lagertha tells Delphine that she must be trained and must become a Warrior to fight the Demons that walk the Earth. As she fights the Demons, she will know and experience true Darkness and quite possibly a Grisly Death that she will never Escape. This was her life now, her Destiny; she must fight these Demons and send the Grim Reaper back to Hell so humanity could thrive again.

   And so, Lagertha trains her for many years and she makes her very skillful with the Bow and the Sword for many long years. These long years of training with the Sword and the Bow made Delphine realize the Destiny that she must fulfill. And so, many years have passed and she was now ready to stand and fight for her life against these Dark Beasts. Lagertha crafts a Strong Armor that was fit for Delphine and she says that she must wear this Armor for the Battles ahead for her. It was the Ebony Armor that she crafted and made; it was a very strong and powerful Armor that was made of both Steal and Metal.

   And so, Delphine puts on this Armor and she goes out into the World and she knows the very thing that she must do in this new life. It would, indeed, be a difficult task if she was not strong enough to fight the Demons before her.


   The Struggle for Supremacy is eternal and inevitable, the people of this Age go about their daily lives trying to survive the night. They fight or they die, they run away from terror or they fight to the death against their enemies. That was the life that these people live through and that is their purpose in this life that they are living in. What was Delphine’s Purpose? She did not know and she probably never will, because she searched for it for a very long time and she could never find it.

   And so, after many years of wandering the World, killing Demons, Defeating Daedra and even Destroying the Lords of Shadow, Delphine finds herself before the presence of the Grim Reaper. The Lords of Shadow were very powerful Beings that served Nobody but themselves and lived by the Sword. Delphine defeated them all and she finally found The Grim Reaper in the highest peak of all the Realms. He was here for he was summoning Satan to this Earth so he can Rule over the World of Men for all eternity. And so, Delphine and The Grim Reaper fought each other on the Highest Peak of all The Realms with their blades.

   Each Strike of the Sword was like a Bolt of Lightning and it was as if the Entire World witnessed this Battle. After Long Moments of battling each other, Delphine has the upper hand and she strikes back against Death itself and she stabs him multiple times and he fell backwards. Though Gravely Wounded and Bloodied, Delphine has done what no other being would do, a Mortal defeating the Grim Reaper. But it was too late, for Satan had already been Summoned to the Lands of the Earth before Delphine’s very eyes. Satan confronts Delphine and tells her to join him so he will love her more than God, he tells her that he too didn’t deserve to be cast out nor abandoned.

   Satan tells Delphine that her Soul is ****** and her Spirit has Darkness already revolving all around it and it will for all Eternity. Satan tells her that she has no choice but to join him so he can have Revenge on God and return to the Heavens. Delphine refuses the offer and tells him that she would rather Die with Honor than live with Shame and Torment. Then, Satan battles Delphine where she stood and she did not hold herself back from Satan and she fought on against him. As they battled, Satan tells her that God has already abandoned her and even if she beats him, he will always return before her. 

   Delphine did not hesitate and she did not show mercy against Satan and she continued to Battle against him. And with the dark power that she had and with all of her Anger and all of her fury, she defeats Satan and she gains the upper hand. She does not easily defeat Satan but he vanished and was sent back to Hell and the darkness of the Sky began to vanish. The Demons heard of the defeat of Satan and they retreated and they did not trouble the souls of the people any longer. Though gravely Wounded, Delphine defeated her greatest enemies and sent them back to the Abyss, and all of the Demons went back to whence they came.

   But Fate had something else in mind and Fate played a different role then she would’ve expected during this time. Delphine leaves the highest peak of the Realms and she returns to the place where she became the Ebony Warrior. She goes to an abandoned Castle that has a Throne in the center of its place and nobody ever set foot here. Delphine goes into the castle and sits on the Throne and she hid herself from the Earth and she sits here and does not move from there. For she knew that her work was done for now and Time would move on and a day would come when she would stand up and fight against the Great Evil again.

   But for now, she rests here for the time being; she rests here on this Throne and she has made for herself a hiding place until the Time Fate comes for her again.



   One Thousand Years have passed since the Great Evil has vanished and The Lands of the Earth prospered and moved on in life. Meanwhile, The Wolf Queen enters the Castle and she enters the Main Hall where nobody has ever entered here. The Castle itself still felt intact and it didn’t feel abandoned in the inside but instead, it was the outside. And so, she goes upstairs and it led herself to the Throne Room where Delphine was hiding herself from humanity. Then, Lagertha goes inside the Throne Room and she comes across Delphine and she was still sitting on the Throne.

   Delphine still looked like her younger self and she has not aged a bit ever since she came to this Castle a Thousand Years ago. 

       “An unusual hiding place… for the Ebony Warrior. Don’t you think?” Lagertha asked.

   Delphine recognizes Lagertha for she was the one who was with her for the majority of her whole life and she has never forgotten her. 

        “Lagertha… old friend,” Delphine said.

       “Yes, dear friend. It is I.” Lagertha said.

       “…Where have you been… all this time?” Delphine asked.

   “Out there. Amongst the Living. What about you? Where have you been hiding all this time… Delphine?” Lagertha asked.

       “Don’t you dare call me that! I am the one who runs from both the Living and the Dead. I am the one who defeated the Great Evil of this Earth. Be quick with your words.”

   “Of course, I see that even this Place has been your Home while I walk this Earth and it prospers. But I came here, for the Earth has need of your help, once again.”

   “What do you want, Queen of the Wolves?”

   “The Demons of Hell have arisen again. The Black Elder Dragon has returned to this land and now the Earth has need for someone to save them. The Demons have found enough courage to attack the people of this Earth and they have overtaken the many Kingdoms of this Earth. The Daedra now rules these Kingdoms and they will stop at nothing to make sure that all of these Kingdoms belong to Satan. The Daedric Lords are preparing for Satan’s return and they wish to build a Kingdom in his name. Help me stop him, or you and I will become his favorite pets… for all eternity.”

    “Why would the Earth want me again? They don’t need someone like me ever again. Look at me, look at what he made me. A creature that thirsts for blood and filled with Hatred and contempt for the Demons. Nobody has ever came here, for they do not wish to see me.”

    “It’s time to get out of this wretched Tomb that you have made for yourself. Stop skulking in the Shadows. Do you not care that he will enslave you? Delphine, I know what it is you yearn for.”

    “I cannot Die. Yet, I cannot Live.”

  “Help me and I can free you and you can live out the rest of your days in peace.”

    “What will you have me do?”

  “Out there, there is a Ranger who roams the many Lands of the Earth and he killed many Demons that stood in his way. Like you, he has been doing this for many years as the Demons storm the night. Out there, he goes his way and he kills those Creatures that stand in his way. I myself have found him and I guided him on his Journey. You must go and find him, for even though he has the ability to take down these Demons, he would not find it possible to defeat even the Strongest of the Demons.”

   Lagertha explained to her what she must do, for it was time to rise up again and kill the enemies that were before her in this age of Darkness. The Age of Demons has come again and the Black Elder Dragon came and the Kingdoms of the Earth fell before the Daedra and the Demons. And so, Delphine spoke with Lagertha again, saying, “Where is this Ranger now?”

   “I saw him last in the center region and ever since then, he has returned there to finish off the Demons that were before him. It’s not far from here, it’s just a few miles away from here.”

   “Very well. I’ll be on my way and I’ll see him and see what it is he wants.”

   “Be with him. For even he must know the true nature of fighting off these creatures. Help him out and bring order to all the Lands of the Earth and I promise you, I will release you from your immortality.”

   “So be it. Farewell, Lagertha.”

   “We’ll meet again. Take your leave and fight to the death against these Demons.”

   And so, Lagertha left Delphine and she went out and she wandered amongst the living of the Earth and Delphine gets herself up from the Throne. Then, she picks up her Cape and she wraps it around herself and she picks up her Greatsword. Then, she goes out her way and then she leaves the Throne Room and she leaves the Castle. And so, Delphine was on her way again and then she begins to feel the bright afternoon Sunshine brightly onto her Smooth face. It has been a long time ever since she walked the Earth again and even though she lived for all of this time, she appeared as if she hasn’t aged a year.

   As she walked, her Black Armor was seen through all the people that walked that Region, it was as if they’ve never seen a Woman carry such Armor before. They’ve also seen her carry a Large Sword on her back, they’ve never seen a Woman carry any Sword before, let alone a Long Sword used for Battle. As she walked, her Blonde Hair breezed with the wind and her hair was very long. And so, she walked on, Delphine walked on into the Day seeking the Ranger that The Wolf Queen mentioned. She knew that the day would come again and she knew that she must fight on forever in the night killing all of those who would stand in her way.

   The Demons of Hell rose again and the time of battling against them came again. The Daedric Lords have come to bring Havoc against the Humans and they work to bring Satan to this Earth. 

   But Two Heroes, the Ranger and the Ebony Warrior would fight against the Demons and protect the people that live in this Hellish Age. The Ranger and the Ebony Warrior’s War against the Daedra and the Demons begins here and now.

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