“The Ember And The Stars.”

By @im-a-tired-writer-15

“The Ember And The Stars.”

By @im-a-tired-writer-15

Well, since this is my first story, please tell me what I need to fix! I know, it doesn't make much sense- but I tried.

Chapter 1


“NOW, TELL ME SHERIFF! WHERE. THE. HECK. IS. SHE?!” The chief said, referring to my best friend, Selena. 

“I-I can’t tell you.. S-sir…”

“Oh, Just because you love her, you’d risk your whole job for her?!” He had punched me in the nose, and I felt a trickle of blood stream down it to my lip.

I scowl at him. “Yes! I would! I would risk my whole life for her, ********* I get up out of the chair, locking eyes with him. He froze, and now, to be honest, looked real angry at me. He grabbed me by the collar of my white button up, and slammed me against the wall. I groaned at the sudden pressure on my back.

“Now, you need to learn who the hell you’re talking to!” He slapped me so hard, I could’ve sworn I felt my skin peel off.

I took a shaky breath, then sighed. “I apologize, sir. I lost control of myself.” The chief held me there for a few more minutes, we were both silent.

Then, he let me down. Now, I was quite short for a young female, about 5’0 or so. And the girl I ‘love’, is actually my best friend, heck, I’d consider her my sister.

I care about her so much.

I sighed, and adjusted my shirt, looking up at Gabriel. That would be his name. The one who slapped me and punched me? Yeah, him.

He’d prefer to be referred to as ‘sir’, or ‘chief’ sometimes ‘Jones’ if you’re lucky.

“Now, go get her, and bring her back to me, got it? Dead or alive.”

Alive, please.

I nod, and walk out of the bar, sighing as I stuffed my hands into my denim pants. I sighed, now walking to my horse, Ol’ Faith.

She neighed, and I smiled. “Hey girl…” I pet her on the snout, and she had leaned her head into my hand. I sighed. “We’re gonna go on a trip.”

Once I got saddled up and headed toward the south, I hummed and bounced on the saddle, nearly falling off with a shout.

I managed to head to the south safely, praise the Lord for that…

I hopped off the horse, and started a fire. A little while later, The fire died down a bit and the embers were beautiful. The stars, oh, the wonderful stars were glowing, illuminating my sin with it. I sighed softly, chuckling at the glow of my skin, and my horse laid down behind me. I rested my head on her side, and sooner or later, I had fallen asleep.

Once we woke up.. There was something over my mouth. I was so confused.

“Huh?!” I was muffled with the cloth. My horse… was dead. I noticed the corpse a bit ahead of me, and I shook my head, hot tears flowing down my cheeks. I screamed as loud as my lungs could take, then…

I got kicked.

“OW- MFFFF-” I shouted, as the taller figure sat on my stomach, picking me up by the same collar.

I froze. Could this be who I think it was…?

“If you don’t stop screaming I swear… I will not hesitate to slaughter you.” The taller growled. They sounded like a man…

He ripped the covering off of my mouth, holding my jaw. “Now, now, now. No more mean me. What’s a pretty girl doin’ here?” He asked, his blue eyes glowing with the dim light. We were in the back of the carriage, after all.

I hissed, and shook my head. “Let me go, ********** He shook his head, and groaned once I head-butted him.

He was pretty angry at this point. He slammed my head into the wall, pulling on my hair so I could look up at him. “You are an idiot, huh?!” He snarled, as another figure appeared. “Now, be nice to our— Wait- Kate?!” She asked. Her voice was familiar.

“Selena?! Oh my God, thank you! Now.. do me a favor and get your boyfriend off of me!” I grumbled, trying to get away from his grasp. Selena chuckled. “Darren, let her go. He’s not my boyfriend, by the way.”

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