The Dream Dao

By @Tobiloba

The Dream Dao

By @Tobiloba

In all martial arts dao in the world, only dream dao could differentiate between reality and illusion. This is a story of a young martial artist who started from being despised to being a person that solves the illusion of the world.

Chapter 1

1-Lin Feng

In the torrent of vast primal chaos running against each other in this seemingly endless plain filled with darkness laid many shiny spherical stones, they were planets.

In a particular planet of blue colored sky and a carpet of sand and stone mixture extending to the end of the world. This was the human planet, Gu universe.

Cultivators were many, but successful ones were infinitesimal.

In this world, the powerful ones lead while weak ones could only hide.

In Shao Continent, Fan city.

In all of Fan city, there were only three major families, while other families originate from them.

These families were respected by the indigens, any member of the family would be treated as godlike figure and worshiped by hundreds and all members of the families have all course to be proud.

But this wasn’t the same for Lin Feng .

Lin Feng could be considered as an Eyesore for the Lin Family, he was always at the receiving end, not able to fight back, always waiting there to be beaten up and humiliated, he nursed wounds almost everyday. It had been three years he attained 2nd level of the Heaven connect realm but he hadn’t make any progress which made him to be exposed to all kinds of humiliation. He had been awarded a cleaning job to be able to sustain himself, he would clean the whole D block every morning. Members were normally distributed to blocks.

Today wouldn’t be an exception. A black haired tall boy with an handsome face could be seen sweeping and cleaning a rather-call mansion while some people converged to watch him, while some moved over where he had swept previously and got it dirtied, but the boy didn’t say anything and would constantly move reverse to re-sweep. This person was Lin Feng.

At this moment, a guy passed by and trod on where he( Lin Feng) had swept previously, but instead of getting angry, his face was as calm as a still water, he seemed to have been accustomed to it, he went back and swept the mess but this only infuriated the guy. He came back and gave Lin Feng a slap.


“How dare you clean my foot trail, you are not even worthy of licking my shoes but you overestimated yourself and used a broom to clean my shoe trail, you should use your tongue” The guy said arrogantly which made some laugh and made some feel sorry for the helpless boy. The guy continued and knocked Lin Feng’s head downward which made him stagger and fall to his knees, this also ignited another toll of laughter and mockery.

All these ignited Lin Feng’s anger and made him want to retort although he knew it would be fruitless he wouldn’t just kneel and get bullied even if he would get beaten up, he still had to fight back.

He summoned all his powers and formed it into a blazing fist, then he punch towards one of the guy’s toes, but the guy reacted almost instantly and kicked forward with his right foot , knocking Lin Feng away. He crashed into a wall and was repelled back to the floor.

“Auh..” he let out a muddled sound while his body was contorting in pain.


Thanks for reading, please comment any grammatical error or not-well-composed sentences, this is my first Novel★

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