The Dragon's Song

By @Owlwise

The Dragon's Song

By @Owlwise

the dragons have been cursed for centuries, the elves have sung just as long of their freedom. the elven queens song is on the eve of becoming a reality, Julianna, the moon's daughter and her soul dragon Persephone are the only ones who can set the dragons free from their terrible curse. but will Julianna be able to make the sacrifice that is needed when there is so much she love waiting for her?

Chapter 1

The Prophecy

“Deep In the earth a treasure so rare, from the sand a dragon egg that the world must share.

With scales of the moon, they shimmer and gleam.

Until the princess touched by the moon is born an egg it will stay.

Myth be told, the pool of dreams behold.

The crystal flower with untold power.

on the darkest day, only the dragon will find the way.

The Dragons song is the way, the Dragons Breath is the key.

The dragons curse will fall when they stand tall”

           Every full moon the elven queen sings The dragons song. For centuries the eleven queens have allowed their melodies the float through the breeze. Across the land their voices are heard, all across the land the people know of the elven queen’s dragon song. Many believe it is a warning, some say it is a legend. The elves believe it is prophecy.

           The elves watch over the un-hatched dragon, waiting for the moon to choose her daughter. They wait for the moon to awaken the forgotten spirits that linger in the earth.

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