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The Dragon of No Shape

By @DumaMoyo


There was a time, a long time ago, when there were dragons. Dragons were beautiful, peaceful creatures, and they were almost like us. They had houses, pets, shops, markets and more; and just like us, some were good while others were evil. This tale is about a dragon who, strangely, had no shape and yet every shape at the same time. This dragon was a shapeshifter. She had mystical powers never known to dragons, until her parents were discovered. They had the same powers as their daughter, and when the dragon Alpha, a powerful Ezreth, found out about the powers he was furious. You see, no one ever kept secrets from the Alpha. In his rage, he killed them and destroyed their home in doing so. What the Alpha didn’t know was that they had an egg, hidden in a secret cove deep in the Toxin Jungle. The Toxin Jungle is an extremely dangerous place to be, seeing as even the plants are out to get you. 

And a dragon was born there.

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