The Dragon and His Treasure

By @VictoriaMoon

The Dragon and His Treasure

By @VictoriaMoon

Chapter 1

There was a dragon, he was kind and sweet and he loved everyone, but most of all he loved his treasure. He had the most beautiful treasure you could find in all the land. But then one day he saw another “treasure”, he didn’t know what to think so he investigated and tried to get to know the treasure. But he couldn’t have both…

He argued and fought with the true treasure and made a bad decision to leave that treasure for the other one. Once he was with the other treasure, he saw it for what it really was: a poorly and unfinished polished rock. He dropped that rock and left, hurting cause it hurt and lied to him.

He came back to his other treasure begging, “please, oh please will you forgive me for I was stupid. I regret what I did and I wish to be forgiven. Oh please won’t you take me back and let me be your guardian and protector, again?”

But the treasure was too hurt to give him an answer, so it told the dragon, “give me five days and I will answer, you have hurt me bad and if I choose for you to stay, you must promise to never once think about that other reassure. If I choose for you to go, you must never return.”

The dragon agreed to these terms and set about trying to find ways for the treasure to forgive him.

The dragon came on the fifth day to persuade the treasure, but the treasure told him not to worry, for she had chosen. “I have made my decision,” she said to him. ” I will choose for you to stay, so long as the terms we discussed stay in rock and stone. If these terms are broken, you will have to leave and never return.”

The dragon cried happily telling the treasure he would never leave again, he promised that she would be his only treasure from that day until he died.


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