The Disappearance of the Ether Princess

By @Aaronthereader

The Disappearance of the Ether Princess

By @Aaronthereader

This is an investigative study regarding the mysterious circumstances behind the disappearance of the beloved Ether princess. No other historian has ever published a written document investigating solely on this matter.

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Chapter 1

Entry One

08/06/17 ~ 11:02 PM

A clay tablet has been recently unearthed under the old ruins of an old library that was believed to go back as far as the Ether era.

Little to no account of the princess was drawn in hieroglyphics; however, there is a brief record of the old Ether Kingdom.

Deciphering the symbols leads the researchers to believe that the famous Lynx Empire used to be in a conflict with the Ether Kingdom. By the writer’s account of the matter, it seems that the writer used to believe that the Lynx Empire did not have the necessary resources to retaliate. However, because of unforeseen circumstances in which the writer was quite vague about, the Ether Kingdom mysteriously lost the war. Its short history was quickly buried and arguably became one of the strong footholds that made the Lynx Empire successfully go through a golden era.

There is a brief connotation of a princess that the Lynx Emperor apparently viewed with respect. After hearing the Lynx’ disrespect towards her, the Emperor personally spoke of her and redeemed her image to the Lynx. It is debatable whether the article referred to the Ether princess. More information would be needed to prove that theory.

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