A Gift

By @asmanurazizah

A Gift

By @asmanurazizah

one day,a psychologist walking on breadman st,in England. stumble upon a wounded man,little did they know that an adventure about to begin. An adventure with a lot of yelling and mind blowing one.

Chapter 1

the meet


” i should takes some holiday,next month” said a woman in blue raincoat.

she was about to go home when she smell something fishy. “what’s that smell” she asked herself.


the woman surprised by the sound,but didn’t dare to ask who’s there. because, what if it was a burglar or someone with a weapon-


or someone who’s in hurt. she search for the source of the voice.


no one answer.


no one answer,again.

“hello,mister please. i’m trying to help you but i need to know where are you.”

silence. only the sound of rain.

the woman takes a deep breath and tried to calm herself down. “okay,don’t panic. panic could makes you-“

“here-” the sound cut off by a cough.

wasting no time the woman hurried up and go to the source of the voice.

a man.

with a long coat,laying near a garbage can. with a pool of blood under him. the woman then proceed to help the stranger to sit down.

“mister! are you okay?” the woman shouted.

“i am wounded but not deaf” the man groan unhappy.

“sorry,where and why are you wounded,sir?” she asked.

“in the stomach and around my leg” he answered.

“how bad is it? can you walk?” she asked while,using her napkin to hold the man wounded stomach.

there was a silence for a minute.

“oh,right you stomach” .

the man rolled his eyes,and without any warning the woman carry him. bride style. the man yelp,and get a panic attack.

“calm down-AW” she got hit in the face by the arm.

“hey,i’m here to help. no need to worried”.

of course.

the guy panicked.

he was moving around too much that he ended up,falling to the ground.as he tried to flee the woman sigh,and said.

“look,if i am trying to hurt you,why would ask if you’re okay?” she asked,the man stopped his get away mission and as annoying it is.

the woman is right,if she does wanted to hurt him. why,wait? why,offering a help?

“thus,i’m not trying to hurt you” she said kindly. “so,if you allow me to help,i’ll try my best to help you” she said while giving the man a hand to stand up.

the man then said “don’t-” the sentence cut off by a cough again.

“no bridal style,got it” she said as she put the man on her shoulder.

instead of getting angry,the man laugh.

“hey,you’re wounded on the stomach. do you want to die that baldy?” she said teasing.

she usher the man to her car,put him on the back seat. and put on seatbelt.

“hold on,stay with me,okay?. can you do that?” she asked him

he nodded.

after that, she rushed the man to the nearby hospital.

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