The Devils I Know: Living In The Back Of My Mind

By @ZephyrX
The Devils I Know: Living In The Back Of My Mind

We all have the devils we don't know. We have the devils we do know, too. But what if the devils become the people you trust? They aren't just the shadows or the bumps and thumps in the night anymore. Instead, what if they are the people who birthed you? The ones who say so easily the words, "I love you"? How do you live? What do you do? Zephyr's fight has been a long one. She could have run away, turned her back, close her eyes & ignore it all. She chose to face it. Join her. Face it together.

Chapter 1

Welcome To My Life

Survival Rate: Less than Zero. Prayers go up, and a second chance comes down for a young girl who was never supposed to be apart of this world. Kids are so impressionable. But this one is the impression. A quiet, observant, and curious mind. Watch her peace grow within her, and her growth in a world she is thrusted into as it becomes unstable, distorted, and filled with endless darkness that no one but her can maneuver.

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