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The Demon´s Messenger

By @Pixiheartgirl21

Chapter one

Kendall ran, far far away from the man she had gotten on the wrong side of, or as he knew it, the right side. She knew she wouldn’t be able to escape that easily, but she was desperate for her life, so she tried anyway.

“You really think you can run sweetheart? I know this isn’t my town, but you don’t seem to know where you’re going either.” The man seemingly took pleasure in taunting Kendall, always calling out to where he last saw her, although that was just for show. He knew where she was, he just had fun terrorizing her.


After a bit of running though, the man got tired of continuing the game they were playing. So, he decided to end the game, teleporting behind Kendall when she thought she was safe. Finally, she thought she was far enough away to be safe, keeping her back near a wall and watching the only entrance and exit she thought possible.


“Heya bud. Miss me?” Instantly, she swung around, turning towards the man. Instantly, he grabbed her and swung her so that her back was against the wall, his giant body blocking the only exit.


He smiled, always enjoying the different faces and emotions his victims could make. Usually, they would be somewhat angry, or incredibly confused, but Kendall was different. She had nothing but anxiety, all over her face, and in her incredibly little body language, it made the man smile, seeing how his impact was making this girl so anxious.


Several times he caught her looking barely over his shoulder, silently showing she felt uncomfortable. He smiled, continuing to block her way, barely giving her room to move if she so wished, he wasn’t a monster after all. After a while of silence and standing his ground, the man decided to get to the point of their encounter.


“You know, you have something I want.” There. Getting to the point, yet being subtle, so he could hear this little cutie’s voice. A bit of waiting later, and she finally got the message.


“What…do you want from me exactly?” The man liked her voice, it was small sounding, barely loud enough to be heard. He could tell it took an extensive time for her to get the courage to ask it, so he would reward her for it later, once she was his, of course.


“I want your service.” He grinned even more at the thought that this little angel could be pulled from the clouds and given the opportunity to work for him.  She unwillingly widened her eyes, unexpected to hear the request he asked.


“Wha…why me?” The man laughed, knowing the reason for choosing her was exceedingly simple, and would work with her no matter what.


“Why? Because I know an angel like you wouldn’t dare to run away, am I right?” He pressed harder on Kendall’s neck, which he was loosely holding against the wall earlier, pressing her to say a specific answer. Thankfully for him, she was desperate to stay alive, so with the limited oxygen she was allowed, she said one final thing.


“Yes…sir.” And after that, her body finally had enough and shut down. The man smiled, knowing the first part of his plan was done. He picked up Kendall, being sure to keep her comfortable, and asleep. He needed to get as far as he could while she was still asleep, and he didn’t want to waste time. After a bit of adjusting, he got them into the right position, where he could walk fast, and she would stay asleep for an extended period.


The man, Joel was his name, had gotten the first part of his plan complete. What the rest of the steps were, Kendall would soon learn. “Were his compliments out of love, out of respect, out of a sick sense of humor, out of fake flattery?” That would be another mystery solved later. For now, though, Joel just walked with Kendall in his arms, a million thoughts racing through both of their heads.

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