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The Demon´s Messenger

By @Pixiheartgirl21


Today was a bad day for Kendall. She had to work in the stupid bar/bakery, cleaning and scrubbing at the many stains that drunk people didn’t mind if they were making; she had to pick up and send the tax to the rotten rich people who governed her town, or at least taxed those who used to live in it, despite it being nothing but a dump of ruins, and she had to see her awful coworker and past boyfriend, John.


¨Hey sweetheart. Going to deliver some bread? You know they assigned me as your driver. You can’t just walk all that way, follow me.¨ Kendall sighed and followed him, they both knew she was only doing it to keep her job, but that didn’t stop John from being a jerk, an extremely flirty one at that.


They both got onto the designated bike they used, a seat for Kendall being planted on the rim of the rear wheel, not the most comfortable, but she was used to it.


When they arrived at their destination, Kendall got off the bike quickly, not wanting to be near John for another second, and quickly went to the first house to deliver the bread. As she got closer and closer to the tax collecting building of the other town, her anxiety grew. She never knew what kind of mood they were in terms of letting people from other towns pass their property, so it was always a gamble crossing the border line and walking to the other side.


¨Hey, girl! You´re trespassing!¨ Kendall winced, it was a terrible day if they caught her that fast.


¨I´ve used this path several times to get to the other town fast enough to deliver all of this bread in time, may I continue?¨ She motioned to the basket she was holding in her hands, filled to the brim with bread.


They instantly grabbed it, yanking it out of her hands and spilling it´s contents. Kendall knew that she wasn’t going to be alive after this.


She tried to run from them, but they instantly grabbed her and held her tightly, rendering her helpless.


¨We were just gazing at how beautiful you were before, but now, we finally see the nuisance you are.¨ The man then released his hands, pushing Kendall down and keeping her there by his foot pressing down on her leg, making sure that she couldn´t escape. He then pulled out a knife, grazing it´s laser sharp blade along Kendall´s skin, taunting her.


¨Such a pretty body, to such a stupid mind. Who ever would’ve thought?¨ The man continued to taunt her, although suddenly he dropped the knife and let go of her, earning a hiss of pain from Kendall as the sharp blade cut across her neck´s tender skin, instantly moving away from the man who had caused her this pain. Suddenly, she heard another voice ringing out in the dark alleyway.


¨Hey bud. You know it’s not nice to treat a lady like that, don´t you?¨ She looked up to see another man, very much larger than the man who had taunted her. She instantly went closer to him, feeling secure in the reason that he had saved her life, also grabbing her neck and trying to stop the bleeding, trying to put pressure on it so that it would stop bleeding, but not suffocating herself. Eventually, she gave up on that and decided to simply run away from the fight the two men had gotten into.


¨Now where do you think you´re going?¨ Kendall froze, not thinking she would be noticed. She then looked at the man, the bigger man who said that, and suddenly, her body suddenly went down, as if someone was pulling her down with all of their strength.


¨I still have plenty of use for you. Don´t run.¨ The force pulling her down eased up, as she could sit up again, but couldn’t get up on her feet.


After the bigger guy was done handling the smaller guy, he turned to Kendall, who suddenly felt a whole lot lighter.


¨Let’s play a game. I´ll give you ten seconds ahead of me.¨ Kendall instantly knew what he was getting at, so she instantly got on her feet and started running.

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