The Dear Challenger

By @CoriBlack
The Dear Challenger

The ex-Queen, Mountain, was defeated by her kin, new-Queen Tree Branch. Now the entire kingdom of Pyyhira is under the selfish tyranny of Queen Tree Branch. Can Mountain get her daughter off the throne? Or will it be too late?

Chapter 2

The Taste Of Guilt

Mountain is grabbed, yanked down and dragged through the air. But that didn’t stop her from fighting back, twisting her flexible body down and practically shooting herself into her daughter and taking her down with her. She holds onto Tree Branch’s gruff–the thick scales on a dragon’s neck– and flips the two to where Mountain was the closest to the ground, most likely going to take most of the impact of the ground.

It was etched in her eyes, “Branch, why?”. But Tree Branch didn’t care, her fiery greed surpassed her love for her own mother, how? Not even she knows. Mountain had a pained look on her face, but Tree Branch just snapped at her, sharp teeth barely missing her snout.

Not too far away, maybe a mile, a much smaller dragon was watching the fight. His green scales shifted to a dark brown, to blend in with the bark of the oak he rested on. He watched the two bigger dragons, the royals, fall. He was praying that Mountain could hold off her daughter, seeing as he had experienced Tree Branch’s cruelty first claw.

He heard a grunt behind him, causing him to fall off the tree, which causes a growl-like laugh from above. His scales blend with the grass, changing into a green again. They constantly shifted like this, seeing as his name and blood was Shifter. He growled at the one who scared him, only for more ‘laughing’.

Tree Branch had one moment of hesitation, was this the best idea? They hit the ground, Mountain took all the impact. All of it. Tree Branch felt nothing, she looked at her mother. Mountain looked lifeless, but Tree Branch could feel her heart beating under her claws. Tree Branch felt a sudden sting in her chest from absolutely nothing.

Guilt, she thought. Why am I guilty? She was confused, this was what she wanted, wasn’t it? To overthrow her mother and become Queen? She wasn’t sure now. But she shook off the feeling and stepped off her mother, then grabs her mother by the gruff with her teeth and drags her into dense forest and into the piles of leaves. With a flap of her wings, the leaves move and she lays her mother in their place.

Stay warm, mother. . .

And with that, Tree Branch flies off to the dark cave where she came.

Shifter looks back to where the two royals were fighting. Calm. Silence. Nothing. . . What happened? Shifter lifts into the air, scared of what could have gone down. Tree Branch wouldn’t have really killed her own mother, would she. . .? Or did Mountain kill Tree Branch? Or did both die? Or neither? Too many question swirled in his head as he sped over to edge of the valley.

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