The Dear Challenger

By @CoriBlack
The Dear Challenger

The ex-Queen, Mountain, was defeated by her kin, new-Queen Tree Branch. Now the entire kingdom of Pyyhira is under the selfish tyranny of Queen Tree Branch. Can Mountain get her daughter off the throne? Or will it be too late?

Chapter 1

1. - Holding On By A Thread

A pained echo through the mountainside, the old Queen limping out of the dark, old, worn down and carved cave. She called out for help, another echo. No response. Call. Echo. No response. It went on for about an hour, until she was about halfway down the steep mountain, but she had done this climb many times before, as staying true her name, Mountain. The sound of claws and scales on the rock behind her, her wings twitch, as if knowing to fly but trying not to because of the pain it would cause.

A cackle-like growl, Mountain whips around, teeth bared and wings spread in defense. She drops when she is tackled down the mountainside, sharp rocks and pathetic branches hitting her scales as the two tumble down the mountain. Mountain’s left wing hits a boulder and gets caught, luckily her pursuer rolls off of her and continues falling down the mountainside. Mountain tugs on her wing, only to let out a husky yelp. She persists with the yanking, and once her wing is free, she loses balance and continues tumbling.

Mountain curls herself into a ball, wings wrapped around her body as a protectant, and she hits the bottom of the valley. She stays in this position for about four minutes, but hears a low growl. She immediately springs from her balled-up posture and stands on her two hind legs, as if to make herself look bigger to her daughter.

Tree Branch looks at her, then snarls and copies her mother’s actions. Mountain drops to her front and crouches down, wings pointed toward the sky. With one powerful flap Mountain drives herself into the air, Tree Branch on her tail, and twirls with her wings pressed against her sides, then straightens herself and flaps again, trying to gain speed.

(Sorry for the short chapter, it was rushed. But, constructive criticism is welcome, and more, longer chapters are on the way.)

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