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The Dead Boyfriend

By @Geekerella

Jessica Wenton

I looked up into the sky with amusement. A few feet away laid the body of my boyfriend, who is now dead. I let out a maniacal laugh as the rain started heavily pouring against my face. I looked down at his body. “You was such a nice guy….Then I saw you with Chloe….” I spoke softly “and I just about lost it.” I laughed again and stood up. “Well I should clean up the mess, Right?” I started to drag his body into the woods. The body leaves a trail of blood. I turned around and looked behind me. “God **** it. I swear I hear breathing” I said under my breath. I turned back around and continued walking. I heard the heavy breathing start up again and I start walking faster. The heavy breathing seems to get closer. *****..” I drop Damien’s hand and break into a run. I get to the edge of the woods and stop to take a deep breath. “I think it’s gone…” I say while looking around in panic. I breath in sharply and look up into the sky. “****, It’s getting late….I should start heading home,” I look down at my dress. *****, my dress is full of blood…” I laughed softly “Good thing my parents are working late again.” I started towards home and took a quick glance behind myself. “I hope no one finds him…”

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