The Dead Boyfriend

By @Geekerella
The Dead Boyfriend

Jessica deals with night terrors and the recent loss of her beloved boyfriend. Sky is dealing with the loss of his friends. Both of them are suffering and they need serious help but who wouldn't think they were crazy?

Chapter 1

Jessica Wenton

I looked up into the sky with amusement. A few feet away laid the body of my boyfriend, who is now dead. I let out a maniacal laugh as the rain started heavily pouring against my face. I looked down at his body. “You was such a nice guy….Then I saw you with Chloe….” I spoke softly “and I just about lost it.” I laughed again and stood up. “Well I should clean up the mess, Right?” I started to drag his body into the woods. The body leaves a trail of blood. I turned around and looked behind me. “God **** it. I swear I hear breathing” I said under my breath. I turned back around and continued walking. I heard the heavy breathing start up again and I start walking faster. The heavy breathing seems to get closer. *****..” I drop Damien’s hand and break into a run. I get to the edge of the woods and stop to take a deep breath. “I think it’s gone…” I say while looking around in panic. I breath in sharply and look up into the sky. “****, It’s getting late….I should start heading home,” I look down at my dress. *****, my dress is full of blood…” I laughed softly “Good thing my parents are working late again.” I started towards home and took a quick glance behind myself. “I hope no one finds him…”

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