The day the world became deadly

By @Mamt_15
The day the world became deadly

This short story is a tragic story about a beautiful terrible day at the race track.

Chapter 1

Mikayla Tolman

One busy bright morning at the racetrack, it was time to get the day started. There was a few different classes of cars racing today, the pro stocks, the thunder 4 minis, an enduro, and a demolition derby. The pro stocks have to do 25 laps, the thunder 4 minis have to do 25 ;laps and the enduro gets to do 100 laps. As the day goes on people find that weird and horrible things happen, things they’ve never seen before. The cars started to drive themselves and crashing into everything and killing people int he stands. Hurting and killing little kids, elderlies, adults, everyone including the drivers of the cars, the workers of the track and the pit crew. People tried to escape but couldn’t, by the end of the day everyone was dead and by that time the cars ran out of gas so they couldn’t go anywhere.

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