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The Daughter of Balance: The Tale of Princess Yue (Book Two: The Search Begins)

By @Eeveelover34

Chapter Eight

”I’m sorry, you want to do what?” asked Chief Toph Beifong. “Borrow my kids?” Yue explained that Katara and Zuko were missing. But to find them, she needed help. “I’m not just forbidding my kids from helping you as their mother, but as your godmother, I am forbidding you from doing this, Yue.” she said. “What?” exclaimed the Princess. “But, Toph, why not?” Toph sighed as Aang came into the room. “Have you not heard?” he asked. “Your Grandfather Ozai and Aunt Azula have escaped.” Yue’s heart stopped.

Yue was getting ready for bed when she remembered something her parents said the other day. Katara came into her room. “So,” she said. “Did you have a good day?” Yue answered her question with a question. “Mom, do I have an Aunt Azula?” Katara’ s face turned pale. “How long have you known?” she asked “Since this morning,” Yue replied. “I heard you and Dad mention her, and I went to the archives, but I couldn’t find anything.” Katara explained that was because she and Zuko removed all records of her. They wanted to make sure Yue never found out about her. They wanted to protect her. “I’m sorry we never told you,” she concluded. “It’s okay, Mom,” said Yue. “I know you just wanted to keep me safe. And from what you told me, I can see why.” Katara was lucky to have such an understanding daughter. “What did this nation do to deserve a princess you?” she asked. “I dunno,” answered the young princess. “Sometimes you just get lucky.” “Well, we really did.” Katara kissed her forehead and stood up. “Sweet dreams, Yue.” “Goodnight.”

“My aunt who?” Yue almost stopped breathing. “Azula,” repeated Toph. “I take it you’ve never heard of her?” Yue explained what her mother told her that night six years ago. Toph said once again that there was no way she was going to let Ala and Laeo accompany Yue and Tonraq. But Aang said, “Toph, this is Yue we’re talking about. A Bloodbender and Firebender. She can protect them, and more importantly, they can protect themselves.” Toph thought. “Fine. They can go.” Ala and Laeo cheered. “You two better start packing,” said Tonraq. “It’s gonna be a long and bumpy ride.” Aang said they could borrow Appa of they needed. “You know,” said Aang as they walked out of Toph’s office. “Fifteen years ago, you wouldn’t have been like this.” “I wouldn’t have wanted to protect my kids? Yeah, because at the moment, I didn’t have any!” she said.

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