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The Darkwood Heirloom

By @Jayden_Ethan_Brook


In the beginning, there were two. Two individuals, two places, two souls destined to entwine, creating a better place for all. This place that was created, was named Ohiron. 

Ohiron became home to beings big and small, wise or clueless, strong or weak. This place, this grand, wonderful place? This became home. However, within homes, there were rules, rules that broke lovers apart, rules that tore people away from each other, but also rules that kept what the upper class called ‘keeping the country safe from war’.

Ohiron was built up from different places, varying from Mourninglaze, Oakvaillen, Larfaj and several, many more, however, this tale spread through all of the towns, all of the places across the world, this tale is of enemies and lovers, adventure and death, betrayal and important choices. This tale you may have heard in the past, in the form of tales, in the form of melodies from the bard in the local inn, or even from wandering travelers who claimed to know the traveler dubbed as ‘The Hybrid Wonderer’ or more commonly by his name, Zarek. Or that they knew the mysterious ‘outcast’ denounced by the entire world as a villain made of pure evil, but never gave a thought to the pains of his past

However, those versions of the tale were all incorrect, lost in translation through time, had the words twisted into a more dull, childish version made to sound interesting, but with words emptier than a warrior’s tankard after a long day. This? This is the real version, the version truer than the sun in the sky, truer than the magic that comes from a Mage’s hand.

Elsewhere, where our story behinds, The sun is beginning its set on the world, sinking down below the horizon of the far distant trees and mountains. “When shall the time come to set forth the plan” a silent, deepened voice whispered quietly to themselves, all while pacing back and forth in their dark, cold lair, hidden away behind a cavern in the middle of the Mourninglaze woods.

“It shall come when it comes, but it comes soon…” a different voice whispered, however this voice echoed as if it was thrown around the room a few hundred times, bashed against every dent, every corner, every single little spot of the room, leaving no spot untouched. “It shall come soon, and you shall finally take the step in dragging down the enemy…You must not fail….”

“And if I fail? What would be the consequences of which I must face?” The first questioned curiously.

“Banishment..” The second laughed, their laughter shaking the very earth straight to the molten core

“Then I shan’t fail you, You have my word…”

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