The Dark of Night

By @sjbernhardt

The Dark of Night

By @sjbernhardt

An old poem from years ago. (c) Sara J. Bernhardt

Chapter 1

The black horse that tosses his mane at the midnight hour,

The eyes of the moon that light the black tower,

Where the cries of the crow, and the chill of the snow, make the magic of night all that we know.

When the stars blink in the skies above, and the night once again had become my love.

Passion and pain for the wounded and slain,

Serenity and trust for those filled with lust.

My mind sings your name,

My heart does the same,

You come back to me now,

Through the beauty of rain.


The horse that tosses his black tresses of hair,

When the night sings to me with a voice so fair,

I believe in the rain that calls out your name, I believe in the love that you steal from above.

The passion of the stars,

And desires of the moon,

The love within me,

You make blossom and bloom.

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