The Dark King

By @Mkreutz

The Dark King

By @Mkreutz

Kristen is like every girl. Except she is not. Kristen and her bestie Sienna, are billionaires. One day she meets mysterious, and hot Alec King. But what happens when he figures out who The Dark Queen is? Will he become their Dark King?

Chapter 1

Chapter One: Kristen Hopkins




August 22, 2019 

   I remember this day vividly. It is October 1st of 2002. Thinking back every color seemed brighter. The dream started like they all do. I see myself and Kaylus sitting on the carpet, playing monopoly. Then like always, my mother and father are both watching us as we play our game. 

    “I am going to make lunch my loves.” My mother said in her slight German accent. “  

And I will join her. You kids be good okay.” My father said in his thick German accent.     

 “Yes father.” Me and my twin said at the same time. “Jinx!” We yelled. Both mother and father chuckled at this. Then they started down the stairs not knowing what torture would await them. 

 “ HA! I win you loser!” Then as I taunted my brother over my win, we both heard a loud crash. We were about to go downstairs, when our father stopped us dead in our tracks. 

 “Go! Get to the safe room! Stay quiet!” He whispered to us. And we did as we were told.  

Finally, after what seemed like hours, but was only minutes, a familiar face told us to come out and that we would be fine. Then I watched my parents get murdered by the person they trusted most. 

 Then something strange happened, “Kris, Kris,” my mother said, “It’s only a dream. It’s time to wake up babes. Wake up.”  

I sat straight up in a puddle of sweat and tears. As I blinked out all of the tears, I saw my best friend, Sienna King. Sienna has big, bouncy,brown hair, and a personality that you just want to be around. Sienna is just a few pounds over curvy, but she is amazing. 

I am one week older than her, yet she still looks like she is still 17. Nothing happened to me but she got married. I always thought that was strange. 

“Babes, were you having a nightmare about you mother and father?” I nodded “Look Si, I am fine. They are dead. Now, if you will excuse me, I will go shower and I will be done and ready for work in 1-hour tops.”  

“But Kris-” 

“I am going to take a shower now. I will be back.”

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