The Dark in One's Soul

By @Eli555
The Dark in One's Soul

Can she find her lost love, or is she too late?

Chapter 1

Chapter 1-First Day Out

 “It may sound long, but it’s simple really,” I state, walking on the edge of the building. “Is it now? Also can you not walk on the edge, it’s making me nervous.” I look at her confused. “Did you not hear a single word that came out of my mouth?” I let myself fall back off the roof. I hear her hurried footsteps reach the edge after. About halfway down, I spread my wings out. Each wing is about 6 feet in length, covered in dragon scales. They nearly hit the building next to us. I simply cut through the air with both wings, and I’m back up on the roof in no time. Genesis stares at me, mouth hanging open. “What? I just told you I could do that. You’d be used to it if you didn’t do that whole ‘wait till we know each other’s past before our powers’ bull. Can’t you do something too?” She stares at my wings a little longer then takes a few steps towards me. “That’s a nice necklace.” She mutters. I nod and reach for it, but it’s gone. I look up and there it is, hovering in the air. Genesis’s hand is up, and her eyes are glowing red. She returns it around my neck and smiles. “Pretty cool, right?” I nod. “Have your eyes always been red?” I ask, still staring at them. “Have your eyes always been purple?” I laugh. “Fair game.” from across the street, we can see two black cars approaching. “Welp, see you later, Zora.” She waves goodbye. “See you later,” I respond. She runs to the stairs, and I jump off the roof, landing on top of my human friend’s car before climbing in. “Have fun?” he asks. “Absolutely,” I respond.


At school the next day, I pretend I’m looking at a scale. But in reality, it has the answers to the test. That’s the benefit of my eyes. I can see things that aren’t there. Like the ink on the scale. The teacher comes up to me for the third time and takes the scale from my hand. He breaks it in half, and I noticeably wince. Make this the last time I use my scales for cheating. My sight blurs as blood runs down from my eyes. I shrug at the teacher and continue my test; I know all the answers anyway. I don’t care about hiding some of my hell dragon features. I hide my wings, horns, and tail, but that’s because I don’t want them cut off. Other things like bleeding eyes, demonic voice takeovers, and randomly appearing fire I pretend not to notice. I wonder how Genesis is doing. The final bell rings and the teacher tries to talk to me. I ignore him and continue walking with dried blood on my face. I head for the fantasy club, where I’d meet Genesis. As soon as I walk in, Genesis is shouting at me. “What did you do?” She grabs a wipe and cleans off my face. “Mr. broke my scale.” “And you didn’t try to clean it up?” “It doesn’t matter; I could come up with an excuse for it.” “An excuse? For bleeding eyes?” “Okay, okay, I get it.” “You better” Genesis hisses before stomping off. I sigh and collapse into a chair as my horns start to peak out. Without me noticing, the rest of the club members walk in. Suddenly, I feel them staring at me. “Z-Zora, what is that?” I turn around and test my acting, “Cosplay.” They all look at me a second longer before Ali, the club leader, steps forward, “Alright then,” she says, “let’s get started.”

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