The Dark Creature Of The Depths

By @Robin_Sterling
The Dark Creature Of The Depths

how would you react if your eyes locked onto something you couldn't quite make out in the dark? wouldn't you be scared? Katie sure was. Follow Katie as she deals with this dark creature through her vacation with her friend and sister. Can they help or will she push them away? There's only one way to find out.

Chapter 1


A near shapeless form of shadow swayed some distance ahead, it’s ever moving body void of all light. It was almost mesmerizing to watch as it seemed to slowly draw closer, tendrils of darkness, acting as limbs that pushed it further closer before reaching out and disappearing behind it again.

The form shifted from some blob like shape to a more elongated shape, as if it had turned. A spot on it appeared to open up and glow an iridescent red. It was hard to take my eyes off the creature that stared directly back at me with one of its own eyes.

My mind was void of thoughts similar to how this creature seemed to be void of any light aside from its eerie glowing red eye. The red eye…it almost seemed out of place but at the same time suited the dark creature fascinatingly well.

The creature drew closer… and closer… until it was inches away from touching me. I couldn’t help but hold my breath in anticipation, hearing nothing but my own anxious heartbeat pounding in my ears. before I knew it, it lunges a dark tendril forward and-

There was an echoing sort of sound as if flesh hit glass underwater, a hollow thump that was just barely clear enough for me to make out over the sound of my pounding heart.

-It hit the glass that separated myself from the aquarium the creature remained in. I felt myself gasp when the lights went back on and a hand placed itself gently yet firmly on my shoulder. The lights coming on showed me what I had been staring at this whole time, The Shadow Octopus, Black colouration and luminescent red eyes.

“-atie? Katie?!” A voice finally reached my ears and snapped my attention away from the sea creature. “Hey, are you okay? You look as pale as a ghost!” It was my sister standing next to me. I had completely forgotten where I was. Sam and I were on a vacation trip together, an electrical storm had rolled overhead of us and the whole Science Centre had lost power.

I had been so mesmerized by the large octopus that I forgot everything, I probably had even tricked my mind into thinking I was underwater with it too. That explains why I was so scared… “I’m alright Sam” I said with a sigh of relief, glad to have her near. “Is the storm over?” I asked her, trying to shift the conversation. 

“No it’s still going on pretty strong, but they managed to get the back up generator running. Are you really sure you’re alright? I was calling your name for about twenty minutes and you’d been staring at that empty tank since we got here almost two hours ago! I told you to meet me by Braydon’s project but you never showed up, so I came back and here you are-” She rambled on, but I wasn’t listening at this point.

Empty tank, she said? I swear there was…I looked back at the tank but the octopus I met wasn’t there…in fact Sam was right. Nothing was in that tank! Just the dark waters lit up by the Centre’s emergency backup lights. “I swear I saw the shadow octopus…” I muttered. Sam gently took my hand in hers and gave it a comforting squeeze.

“Katie…you’re still recovering…maybe it was a bad idea to bring you along…” She said with clear concern lacing every one of her rather cautious words. “We can just head right home if you-“

“No, I’m fine Sam, lets go meet up with Braydon and see his project before they change the exhibit. Besides, its not safe to head home in the storm.” I pointed out with a shake of my head and started walking away from the deep sea exhibit.

“Alright, if you say so” Sam sighed and gave a smile. But I could tell… she was still pretty worried about me…

I guess…I really haven’t been the same since we left earth…

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