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The Dark Angel

By @Books_and_Secrets


I saw him standing there. His name was Dylan. He had black hair, black eyes, and black clothes but I wasn’t sure what to do when I saw him. My heart was steady, beating a normal pace, for I saw something in him, I saw his good side. For me, it was easy to figure out he was trying to hide it under his thick black exterior. I sourced a dark presence when I walked past him, I felt shivers running down my back, as if spiders surrounded me crawling up and down my backside. I felt like running to escape, but I kept my cool and my shoulder up and my head high. I felt a strange feeling, like I loved him, but he loves a red-haired girl named Ava. I hated Ava, with her red hair and green eyes. She loved Dylan anyways. So being me, and with my evil dark side, I am going to find a way to get rid of her.

It is the day of the dance, I had on a long flowing black dress, with long sleeves that fell to the floor and matched the bottom of my dress and they dragged across the floor. Dylan had on a black suit and a black tie. Of course, Ava had a red dress on and tries to impress Dylan. It went on for about a half-hour of agony, finally, Ava went into the bathroom. I knew this was my chance to get rid of her and her existence so I crept up behind her and followed her. She was fixing her hair, I walked up to her and while walking, I pulled out a knife from my dress. Then I blocked her exit with the extra things I had found, I locked the door, there was no escape for her. I took the knife in one hand and her long hair in the other I slowly grabbed her from behind and started choking her until I brought the knife up to her throat I slowly pinched her vocal cord so she couldn’t scream then I stabbed her in the heart right then and there, her shaking and eventually falling to the floor, in a huge pool of her own blood. I watched as she closed her eyes and hearing her left out a soft breath, and her head turned to the side. I closed my eyes and breathed, The job was done, I finally killed her. I left the bathroom, leaving her body in there, as I could care less about her, I could get caught for killing her, but I was smart and left a note by her body along with a small knife, to make it seem like suicide. I cleaned the blood off my hands and put my knife back in the shoulder of my dress, as I laughed to myself and thought, “ Now that I got rid of her, now I can get to Dylan.” 

For a while, I thought of something and how I could get him. I want to capture Dylan and lock him up until he trusted me. So, I found out he walks home alone after school. So, the next day after school, I had a car, so I drove up rolled down the passenger window and smiled and asked him, “Hey, can I give you a ride?” He glared at me for quite some time before he finally said, “Sure, I guess it won’t hurt.” I opened up the door for him he slid in slowly and uneasy and stayed a little away from me on the other side he seemed to be staring at his hands. I looked over to see it and he didn’t look at me and shut them and looked over at me I started to feel like I was being pulled toward him I looked around and realized I was so attracted to him I was moving closer finally I got right in his face and laid my lips upon him I blushed then I blinked and I saw he was sitting there and I hadn’t moved, yet it felt so real, I was so confused I stayed on my seat and kept trying to think about what just happened I felt as if it had happened but I realized it was in my head only a daydream I felt as if everything was floating around me as we kissed I hoped that one day the feeling would be real. We pulled up to his house I know knew where he lived I would come back to his house tonight and watch him. I drove home and grabbed my backpack from the seat behind me, got out, and started walking to my front door, locking the car on my way over, I was about halfway when I slightly tripped. I regained my balance, and thought “Stupid walkway, I need to ask my mom to fix that”. I walked into the house and closed the door, dropping my backpack on the floor. I walked to the kitchen, my mother with her laptop on the kitchen island, “So, how was school today?” she asked, smiling at me, “Uneventful” I said closing my eyes and studying the floor. She asked, “How come, what happened?”. I walked over to the fridge, grabbed an apple, closed the door, walked over to get my laptop that was charging on the dining room table, as both my mom’s and my laptop’s charge in the same place, “I don’t wanna talk about it” She stared at me, and said “Okay fine, let me know if you need me” and I ran upstairs.   

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