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The Cursed Pumpkin

By @Cleo

Bitter Revenge

Sarah stood there, in shock, before she began to scream. Her screams of horror then melting into sobs, and before she could think further, she spun around. Fists clenched, eyes blurred, and her entire body trembling with grief and horror, Sarah knew what she had to do now. The pumpkin. It was it’s fault. She had to destroy it. Anger had taken over her, and it was as if she couldn’t see clearly, like she was in a trance. She quickly made her way down to the kitchen, and sure enough, the cursed pumpkin was sitting there, glowing sickly. Sarah moved quickly and smoothly to the drawer where she kept her knives, and reaching inside, she pulled out the biggest one, one with a wicked curve at the end. It glinted in the darkness. Sarah crept forward slowly to the pumpkin, brandishing the knife in one hand. She stood over it, completely taken over by anger, fear, and sadness, and then in one quick motion, she brought down the knife. Hard. She slashed at the pumpkin violently, watching its glowing light grow dimmer and dimmer with each stabbing motion. Warm liquid splattered onto her face, it almost felt like blood. But somehow, it pleased her. It pleased her to watch the thing that had caused her so much pain to die before her. A crooked smile grew on her face. Finally, when it was nothing but a mere puddle of pulp before her, and the light had completely died, she scooped up the mush and made her way to the window. She then tossed it out with all the strength she had left. 

Sarah stood alone in the dark kitchen, her hand grasped tightly around the knife still, covered in sweat, and her entire body trembling. 

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