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The Cursed Pumpkin

By @Cleo

Horror Begins

“Okay then..” The cashier had a strange look on her face. Sarah wondered if there was something she wasn’t telling her. 

But she just shrugged it off and left the grocery store with her pumpkin, a magazine, and a few packs of gum.  She quickly returned home to her small, plain- looking townhouse and unlocked the front door, jangling her keys.

“I’m home!”, she called out of instinct. Sarah lived with her sister, Summer, and their small black cat, Missy. But Summer was out travelling for a job interview for a few days, so it was just Sarah and Missy for now. Sarah heard a quiet meow as she placed her purchases, including the pumpkin, on the kitchen counter. She crouched down and stroked the little cat as it gazed up at her with large emerald eyes. The cat purred contentedly. Missy had such an innocent, pure look to her, and Sarah couldn’t help but smile every time she looked at her. She loved Missy so much. 

Sarah stood up and opened the fridge, searching for something to eat for dinner. They had a few leftovers, and she decided that would do. She gathered a few containers of cold bits of chicken and quinoa and placed them on the counter. She also pulled out a bag of raw carrots, because she had no other vegetables, really. Pulling out a wood cutting board, she grabbed a knife from one of the drawers, and began to chop up the carrots into a more edible size. She could boil them, perhaps. As her hand moved quickly, cutting the carrots into smaller pieces, her mind wandered to the pumpkin she had purchased.

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