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The Cursed Pumpkin

By @Cleo

Unknowing Mistake

A loud thump sounded from behind the young woman. She jumped in surprise, and turned around. Maybe something had fallen off the shelf? Sarah was in her local grocery store before its closing hours. There weren’t many people left in the store, and she was the only one in this certain isle. It was the isle with seasonal decorations, and since Halloween was coming up, the shelves were filled with decorations of witches, ghosts and candy. Sarah’s eyes scanned the row for what had made the thump sound. 

Then she saw it. A smooth, round pumpkin had rolled out into the middle of the floor. Sarah walked over and picked it up with little effort. Although it was big, it wasn’t very heavy. She ran her fingers along its smooth surface. It had a nice vibrant orange color to it, and instead of putting it back on the shelf with the other pumpkins, she decided to carry it to the cash register along with her other items. 

“Why not?,” She asked herself. She didn’t really have any Halloween decorations yet, and it could be fun to use this one as decoration on her front step or maybe even carve it. She didn’t know how to describe it, but the pumpkin looked so perfect. It was a nice shape and color, and it was so bright it was practically glowing. It stood out from the other decorations in the store.

She took it to the cash register to pay along with a few smaller items she was purchasing. The cashier, a tired looking, brown- haired woman glanced at Sarah. 

“Are you sure you want to buy this?” She asked, motioning to the pumpkin. “It’s been in our store for a few weeks and it might not be as fresh. Also, it’s a bit of a strange color, don’t you think?”

“Yeah, it’s fine,” Sarah nodded.

“Okay then..” The cashier had a strange look on her face. Sarah wondered if there was something she wasn’t telling her. 

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